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This unique 2-door sports utility cargo delivery vehicle has been specially designed to travel on SL mainland roads. It it is a speedy car with carefully designed scripting and vehicle geometry to give you highly reliable fun on and off the roads. Probably the best driving vehicle you can find.

This vehicle has been very popular for three years. It has been continuously updated with features such as my exclusive "active steering."

Inside the box is Version 8.5 preloaded for the newest 2021 GTFO! (v1.9.0a). The specifications are: Class: Small Road | Capacity: 1 Crate (10 FU). Also, included in the box is 8.5 of the Mainlander with no GTFO! API script inside for those who just want to race or rock climb do not participate in the GTFO! group,

Importantly for purchasers, this vehicle uses my own vehicle and wheel scripts that are uniquely written by me. No other SL vehicles offer my scripts, nor do they have the vehicle geometry I designed for the vehicle itself. The stance and wheelbase of this vehicle and the scripts that run it have been carefully designed and tested to give you superior on-road stability, driving ease, and smooth region crossings.

Driving parameters have been carefully tuned for success on mainland roads and even the most surprising off-road challenges with stability on steepest hills and even rock climbing to offer maximum success completing the most challenging delivery assignments. Indeed, this Mainlander is unique, like no other SL vehicle in its capacity to stay on the road and upright, so you can enjoy the most challenging adventures.

Over the road there are 10 forward gears and one speed in reverse so you can choose to travel at a reasonable speed without going so quickly that you go off the road easily or begin flying as you go over hills or rough terrain. Use the on-screen jump up and crouch down arrows on your viewer to change the gear speeds. You will see a chat message telling you (1) the gear numbers as you change them, (2) the gear power, and (3) the active steering coefficient.

The faster you go on mainland roads the more steering becomes a challenge. So Mainlander features my exclusive "active steering" algorithm to help you handle the roads as your speed increases.

If you go way off-roading and encounter an extreme ravine or drive into some other unusual deep obstacle then just go into edit mode and turn the vehicle right side up while you are sitting in it. Bit, you will be surprised and pleased by the way this vehicle deals with rough terrain. This jeepster will handle very extreme terrain conditions.

Seats for two passengers, one can sit in the passenger seat with right arm holding the roll bar hand grip. Second passenger sits on cargo crate looking forward, playfully kicking feet at times and looking from side to side as you travel the roads. The visibility of the cargo crate is controlled by loading and unloading done automatically by the GTFO! HUD as you accept and deliver freight assignments. However, you can control the visibility of the cargo box yourself anytime by double touching it.

The lights work with the SL Advanced LIghting System. There are three light options each with a separate dashboard button: standard headlights, special driving spotlights, and running lights front and rear. Be sure to activate advanced lighting in your viewer graphics preferences to use this feature. You will also hear an electronic sound to confirm you have touched these buttons.

With Mainlander you control the view you want. Key "v1" for behind vehicle, "v2" for just behind driver, or "v3" for driver view. And of course this comes in handy because SL glitches screw up driver views all the time. Now you are in total control.

Touch the rear license plate anytime you want to make a "beep beep" horn sound or key a "b" in chat.

You will hear the engine start sound when you sit to drive and exhaust will appear at the exhaust pipe. Over the road engine sound begins when you drive the vehicle forward or back. The idle sound and exhaust will end when the driver stands.

Vehicle includes my touch to resize script. To match up with your larger avatar just touch the rear suspension under the vehicle (the rear axel for example) and the resize menu will appear on your viewer screen.

Enjoy the wonders and creativity you will find as you drive your new Mainlander throughout the SL mainland or wherever your driving adventure plans take you.

Please feel free to contact me if you encounter any problems or have questions, or if you would like a vehicle modification. I am happy to be of assistance.

Thanks and stay safe!


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  • Specially designed and tested for success on mainland roads and off-roads
  • Exclusive "active steering" with 10 forward gears for ideal speeds
  • Wheel size and ground clearance designed for winding rough roads
  • Front wheels turn, all rotate, hands move on steering wheel
  • 3 engine sounds: drive forward, idle, and reverse engine with beep beep warning

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Best jeep out there, even if you don't do GTFO!

Posted November 25, 2018 by EminyRoddenham 5 stars

This little guy is so fun to drive and handles extremely well. I love the little box in the back! Well done :)

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So far so good - actually so far so great!

Posted August 25, 2018 by Ellen Ireland 5 stars

I purchased this on the recommendation of the earlier reviewer, Saoirseheart, and while it is brand new to me and I am still learning how to drive it, I am extremely impressed so far. As a novice driver, I am often discouraged by having vehicles fly off the road and crash, even when I am moving slowly. So far, this one stays put as promised! I'm taking it on a long drive today and will definitely be using it for my GTFO hauling. Good work!

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