"Active Suspension" Highly Detailed Mountain Bike! Version 6.4

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This Larsson Mountain Bike features my latest scripting (September 26, 2020) for the most enjoyable biking on SL mainland roads and for off-road biking in surprisingly rough terrain. It "leans in" just right into the steepest terrain, responds wonderfully to bumps and hills, and comes nicely to a coasting stop.

Importantly, I added my new "active suspension" algorithm so the bike's responsiveness is keyed to your speed selection. You will see this reported each time you change gears the bike will tell you in chat the gear selection, power, and "active suspension" coefficient.

I paid close attention to the construction details to provide you with an attractive and authentic looking mountain bike with special attention to details mountain bikers seek. For example, notice the detailed full suspension shock absorber that helps make all the detailed design features really stand out, the touch controlled advanced lighting system headlight, and the safety oriented red rear light mounted under the seat. Touch the rear light while biking for a classic "ring ring" bicycle bell sound, or just key a "b" on the viewer chat line to sound it. No others have these desirable details.

This version has 12 gear speeds that range from 5 to 38 on the SL speed scale. The gears are set in short steps from an enjoyable lowest gear to a substantially faster highest gear, but not so fast as to be annoyingly unrealistic for a bicycle. I selected these speeds to carefully reflect the range of speeds RL mountain bikers encounter ranging from over the road cruising to the most extreme speeds of downhill racing.

You will notice that you slow down going up hills and may need to increase gear speed on the super steep hills. And, of course, you will gain speed going down hills. You can gear up and gear down while in motion using the on-screen jump up and down buttons or the page up and down keys on your keyboard. You will see a message in chat telling you when you select a speed change.

Unlike others, this bicycle features two animations that are selected automatically with your movement. As you sit to ride you find yourself in a casual animated stand position straddling the bicycle frame. This is a realistic stance that is useful when chatting with others as you plan and discuss biking adventures. Then, as you begin moving forward you will see yourself move into a bike steering and peddling animation, and then as you return to a stop you will move to an animated stance straddling the bike ready to resume biking.

The bicycling animation itself has a nice authentic style to it with peddling action of course and a pleasant side to side movement of your arms and body just as people move when peddling their bikes.

Sometimes, it is useful to "walk back" a bike to get out of a narrow spot, and so there is one walk-back or reverse gear (set at SL speed 5) for your SL biking convenience.

There is a headlight that uses the SL spotlight capability to illuminate the road ahead. Be sure you have activated advance lighting in your viewer graphics preferences to use it. You will hear an electronic sound acknowledgment whenever you touch the yellow icon light button mounted on the handlebar.

The bicycle has a land impact of 17 and the mesh physics has also been adjusted to minimize land impact. This carefully detailed bicycle is sold as copy only, but it does feature a resize script to fit your sizing needs. Touch the Larsson brand logo just behind the headlight and the blue resizing menu will appear on your viewer screen. You can use your Quick Preferences Viewer Window to raise your hover height on the bike to your liking in relation to the seat. If you have an extreme fit problem I will be happy to adjust your bike for you.

I would also be happy to help you change the color for you as I am a full service bike dealer. Any other preferences -- for example higher speeds or specialized handling for extreme racing -- just send me a message I am always happy to assist residents with specific requests.

Also, if you would like a special version of this bike with a child's safety seat mounted over back wheel, please visit the vendor in my in-world mainstore.

Thanks, best wishes, and stay safe!


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  • Latest "active suspension" scripting for realistic action when biking off-roads
  • Advanced lighting system headlight for night time rides
  • Rear warning tail light with touch for ring ring bike bell sound
  • Detailed design features for realistic look
  • Touch to resize

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  • Land Impact: 17
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