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Please try the demo first to check if the garment fits your avatar's body. No money back for fitting issues.

You get 3 jean fabrics to choose from, 4 buckles to choose from, 9 belts to choose from, you can use the color HUD so you can have endless tinting in all the faces or in all of it at once.


Color-HUD may be used to color-tint it endlessly! To tint the jean, first click on the ALL or Loops or Belt or Buckles (choose the face you want to color) button at the top of the Color-HUD, and then use the color palette and/or the vertical slider. To reset the jean back to its original color-tint, first click on the ALL to reset all of it or the button\face you have used before at the top of the Color-HUD, then click on the R button in the middle of the Color-HUD.



• 5 Standard Sizes
• 1 Fitted Mesh for TMP Male Body
• 1 Fitted Mesh for Slink Male Body
• 1 Fitted Mesh for Adam Male Body
• 1 Fitted Mesh for Signature Gianni Male Body
• 1 Fitted Mesh for Aesthetic Male Body
• 1 Fitted Mesh for BELLEZA JAKE Male Body
• Alpha Layer
• Color HUD with endless colors
• Fabric HUD
❇ About the Color Hud

* When you use 'Add' to attach my color Hud/s to show up on your screen, it will give you a Message in local chat asking you to wait.

Example: 'Color Changer Hud-Elegant One Button Closed Front Slim Suit: Color Hud Script is Starting up, Please Wait...'

wait until it tells you that it is ready in order for you to be able to use it. Why does it do this? Its just how this particular Color Hud works.

Example: 'Color Changer Hud-Elegant One Button Closed Front Slim Suit: Ready.'

* If you click the letter 'R' button ('R'as in Reset) on the color hud, this will undo the color or colors you have added/changed and reset it back to the original color.

* If the fabric itself is not white on an item, the color Hud cannot make it white for you.

* Before you Click at the 'R' button, First click on the button of the face you want to undo the color on and then click the R to undo the color.

(Faces are the parts of the mesh item that you can color. Example: If my color hud has 'top + sleeves + collar'...Those 3 are different faces/parts. Some mesh items are made with many faces/part to color and texture differently and not only as one color or as one fabric)

* Some of my Color Huds have many buttons (buttons are the names on the color Hud. Example: top,all,skirt,back,pants etc.) and some only one. It's because the mesh item has many parts or its only one part all of it. Therefore, it depends on how the mesh item has been made.

* On the Color Hud there is a Sliding Bar near the 'R' button & when you have chosen a color, You may also choose to lighten or darken the shade you chose by either left clicking in the bar or by clicking & dragging in this Slider Bar up or down until your desired shade is reached.

* If you see a button saying 'ALL' or 'All', this button will apply the chosen color to the whole of the mesh item and it can be undone if you click it and then click the 'R' button. Not all of my color Huds have this button You will probably find it when they are many buttons on one Hud & not when the color Hud has only 1 button available to be used.

★ I hope you are able to understand the help instructions I have written and that they are helpful to you and they did not made your mind pop out :P

★ Thanks for buying from me & do not forget, if something is not working or if something is missing,

Please let me know so i can fix it! ☺



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This item requires you to find a place in Second Life (like a Sandbox) to unpack and use it.

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