AnyPose BVH Pose Stand (Includes AnyPose Animator!)

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The AnyPose pose stand is unique in SL as the first pose stand that lets you pose your avatar in nearly unlimited positions. Using HUD or keyboard control, you can adjust each joint of your avatar. The AnyPose BVH version can export the final pose to a .BVH file that can be uploaded to SL as a single frame animation and used without the stand. Since version 1.5, AnyPose animator is included at no additional charge! Try your hand at making animations!

• Cloud Memory feature for saving and loading poses without having to deal with notecards.
• Many more Bento Hand poses.
• Integration with Fate Hand Poser Pro 3.2 by Damien Fate for including custome hand poses in your creations (AnyPose BVH ONLY)

If you do not need to save .BVH files, and just want the ability to pose your avatar in-world, try the feature limited AnyPose Basic available on the Marketplace.

Photographers/machinimists: Build your own library of poses that can be easily played back, and adjusted on the fly to fix "Hand stuck in leg" and all the other problems associated with fixed poses and various avatar sizes. Control up to 99 stands at once from the HUD. Use the Live! feature to correct poses made by others.

Furniture & Vehicle Builders: Create poses in minutes that fit YOUR designs.

Animation creators: Create animations! AnyPose BVH includes AnyPose Animator! Although it was designed for simple animations, your creativity is the limit!

• Position each joint via HUD or keyboard control.
• Cloud memory feature allows you to save your poses and recall them from any of your other pose stands.
• Live! posing without a pose stand. The Live! feature can also puppet another avatar.
• Rez a pose stand from the HUD for even more control of your avatar.
• Move and rotate avatars seated on the AnyPose stand using HUD control.
• Make poses as a team. The AnyPose HUD can control pose stands owned by others.
• Use any of SL's 13 hand animations and 40 Bento hand animations while on the stand.
• Force the eyes into specific positions.
• Classic (Non-Bento) facial expression support.
• Control up to 99 stands from the HUD.
• Mirror Right Arm<->Left Arm / Right Leg<->Left Leg / Whole Body.
• Send poses to U-Poser for additional adjustments, or inclusion into U-Poser's animation builder.
• Each joint has roughly 256 positions (Some more, some less) in the normal range of human motion. This give surprising flexibility in pose creation.
• Free updates. AnyPose has a built-in update checker.

AnyPose BVH Features:
• Integration with Fate Hand Poser Pro v3.2 and later for saving custom hand poses along with your body pose.
• Include Bento hand poses in your creations.
• Save a .BVH using an external server to simplify the saving of .BVH files. (Not compatible with SL's internal browser)
• Disable joints so they are not animated in uploaded .BVH files. (For example: Disable the Head/Neck for seating poses)
• Sit position helper built in. Includes script to drop into your seating prims.

Online help files available from the Help button in the pose stand menu.

Join the AnyPose Announcements group for additional info.

• You can NOT copy poses made by other creators with AnyPose. However, you can use Live! to adjust poses made by others.
• There are sure to be some joint positions that are humanly possible that you can not recreate in AnyPose. That is an unfortunate trade-off of being able to adjust your own joints in-world.
• The AnyPose "WWW BVH" feature does not use any outside servers. The "Save BVH" feature does use an outside server to simplify the process of saving .BVH files so they can be uploaded into SL.
• Linden Labs had considered adding a feature similar to this to SL, but its status is on hold, and it may or may not show up anytime soon. This features was known as Avatar Puppeteering.
• No refunds will be made, if you are unsure of this purchase, try the demo for free.
• Replacements can be provided with proof of purchase.

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  • Avatar posing
  • Animation creation
  • Live posing
  • Facial expressions including eyes
  • Hand posing

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not happy

Posted October 18, 2020 by MikkakuTheGreat 1 star

i wasn't happy with this. save your linden. the movement is limited past a certain point. cant even move your knees. or rotate certain areas. most importantly trying to rotate your head up. instead it moves left and right.

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The More I Use It

Posted September 17, 2020 by iPENNYWISEt 3 stars

needs to be a feature to rotate limbs. and moving limbs in certain inches or something like that. its great for doing little live edits here and there

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