ArtiZan Multi-Email Pager Version 1.01

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ArtiZan Multi-Email Pager

Use to:
♦ Notify owner and staff by email when sign/bell is clicked
♦ Give out notecards, LMs, info
♦ Record names of people who take info/items

On a single touch:
• Emails toucher's name, location, time and date to up to 25 addresses
• Sends IM to owner with profile and SLURL links (optional)
• Gives notecards, LMs, any items (unlimited)
• Says chat message to toucher (2 lines)
• Chat message customised with full name or first name
• Loads webpage URL
• Plays sound
• Records toucher's name

Comes in a stylish 1 prim sculpted desk bell model in both brass and silver.

Pack of 12 blank sign models also included. See photos.

Other functions
• Hovertext in 10 colours
• Reports names on demand
• Sends regular reports via email (automatically sends at 150 as backup)

All functions optional and easily customised.

Other features
• Notecard setup and customisation – easy to edit and duplicate
• Menu for regular operations
• Reports name list on demand via IM or email
• Automatic regular email report options - daily, weekly or monthly
• Names list report already formatted for easy addition to Mailbox for customer follow-up
• Copy – unlimited, easy to duplicate setup
• Mod - rename and modify or place scripts in any object of your own.



1. Rez and rename. Or copy the scripts and notecards into your own prim.

2. Edit "Config" notecard for hovertext, message to toucher, email addresses and subject.
Message may be customised with user name by using <name> or <firstname> in the MESSAGE1 line.
Eg: Hi <firstname>! Thanks for clicking.

3. In Menu
- Set hovertext colour (or turn off)
- Set IM Owner on/off (IM owner is ON by default)
- Set IM option to include profile link (default is ON)
- Choose Auto email frequency, if any (default is weekly).
- Enable URL if required

4. Drag any number of items into contents (scripts or sound files must be packed in a prim first)

Drag a sound file into contents. Touch point will auto detect and play once on touch.

6. Click "Test Click" to see what toucher receives and check email list.
Use "Test Click" to check that your entire messages are showing, and that all email names have been loaded.
If necessary, use the second EMAIL_ADDRESSES2 section.

See item in Second Life ®



  • Email pager - Emails up to 15 addresses when clicked
  • Sends IM to owner with profile and SLURL links
  • • Emails toucher's name, location, time and date to up to 15 email addresse
  • Gives notecard, LM ,objects, loads url, plays sound on touch
  • Two stylish desk bell models includes and pack of 12 signs

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