Atlantis RP Single Item Vendor + Income Share V1.5 full perm Version V1.5

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Atlantis RP Single Prim, Single Item Vendor with profit share V1.5

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=I N T R O D U C T I O N=

The purpose behind this item is not just the working product, but to share how it was created with those interested in creating their own.

As with my other vendors, this one was made for the purpose of selling our sims role play products at Trinity, and is mod and copy, no commission, low on prims, simple to use and at a resonable price.


Single Item vendor with internal notecard for editing, notecard with instructions on use and a copy of the script for you to use if you want to make your own ; ) I have also included a copy of my Avi Key finder script, incase you run a viewer that does not display Avi keys at the top of avi's profiles.

=F E A T U R E S=

There are two vendors in the pack, one in silver and the other in gold. Although the Vendor is textured I have left it reasonably blank so that you may add a picture of the product you wish to sell, or modify it as you like.

= I N S T R U C T I O N S=

a). To use your vendor simply drag it from your inventory to the area you wish to place it. Once it has rezed, a pop up screen will appear asking permission to take Linden $ from you. Accept this, do not worry, it is how you get paid, nothing funny!

b). If you are selling your items in a bundle, place them all in one box.

c). To place your boxed item/s in to the vendor, right click on the vender and select edit. This will open SL's editing menu. On this menu you will see the "Content tab". Click on this and drag your boxed item from your inventory into the content panel.

d). Texture tab - Select this and then tick the "Select Texture" box add the picture of the item you wish to sell to the black viewing screen of the vendor.

e). To change the text that appears when one of your customers touches the vendor or makes a purchase, double click on the script in the contents tab, and simply delete my text that appears between the speach marks "........." and add your own. DO NOT DELETE the speach marks.

f). Setting the price of items for sale and the level of commission to be shared - This is note card driven, the notecard appears in the content section of your vendor, please do not delete it or your vendor will not work. As you complete the details for the notecard, delete the text I have added as an example. The order of information you should add to the notecard is -

i- Avatar key of the person you wish to share the profit with
ii- Price your item is selling for
iii- %age to be paid to the person you wish to split the income with

Note: To get a persons Avi key, it is usually displayed at the top of their profile. If not, create a prim and drop my Av Key finder script in, then all the person that you want to share sales income with has to do is touch your prim and their key will be displayed in chat to for you to copy and paste into the card.


= A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T S =

Thank you to mac Keystrel for his huge amount of patients and help with this script. Also a big thank you to Matelion McCarey for all his tips. THANK YOU.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me via an IM.

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  • Full Perm including vendor and avi key scripts
  • Single prim
  • profit split / commision vendor
  • Affiliate enabled
  • Silver & Gold editions included

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