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The wildly popular facial animator is back and has been elevated to it's full potential in version 2.

Auto Emote 1 was a HUD program that searched through 300+ phrases and animated your face based on what you say. It was meant to break free of commands or buttons, so you could type normally and have your face express what you're saying. Version 2 has this ability also, and now, you can edit these phrases from one easy notecard with 50 trigger phrase slots available for each face morph(950 total). Match it to your own way of speaking. Match it to your native language! It has also received a speed boost and indexes these phrases even faster than version 1.

In Addition, the HUD now operates in 3 modes. The auto-emote above is one of them, the other is a Click-only mode which is push-button only to animate your face, and the third is Loop Mode which allows you to specify seperate timers for each expression. These loops can be used seperately, combined, or at varied times for some very dynamic facial effects.

With this HUD, you can mix facial expressions like paint. Great for models who need to hold a pose indefinately, in-world performers who want their mouth to perform dynamic movements during a performance, those who want a timed auto-smile, or even those who just want to make silly or ugly faces(Combining animations can make for some pretty crazy faces).

One easy HUD, a whole lot of facial animation potential.

Here's some more detail on the Auto Mode:

316 trigger phrases are included. If any of your words match a "phrase," a facial animation will trigger. A lot of the phrases have been reduced to exclusive roots to allow for prefixes, suffixes, and typos. This means they will trigger anywhere in your sentence and however they are used. So "I am frightened." and "This is frightful." would both match the "fright" phrase and trigger the "afraid" animation. There are 316 v1.0 phrases, but being that most phrases can be implemented several ways, this makes the number of possible trigger phrases much, much more.

Many of the phrases do not correspond to the litteral meaning of the animation they trigger. A lot of them are implemented based on predictable context and a liberal translation of the reaction based on available animations. For example, "blink" triggers the "shrug" animation which has no blinking, but has an appropriate expression for the emotion conveyed. A lot of time has been spent analyzing possible uses of phrases in order to keep them appropriate but flexible so that they'll hopefully trigger the appropriate animation. There will still be a few oddball exceptions though.

Auto Emote v2.0 supports 950 phrases, and you can edit them to your liking. The Auto Emote Trigger Phrases notecard contains groups of 50 triggers per facial animation. To edit them, do the following:

Right-click the HUD and select "Edit" from the pie menu. Select the "Content" tab. If the Contents folder is not expanded, click the arrow next to it. You'll see the "Auto Emote Trigger Phrases" notecard at the top. Right-click this and select "Open" from the float menu.

When editing this notecard, it is important to remember never to add or delete entire lines. Changing the number of lines in this notecard will cause it to read incorrectly. To change or add a phrase, scroll the notecard until you find the header for the emotion you want. All of the numbered lines below that header are available slots for it. You can put anything you want in them directly after the | symbol. You can keep the existing phrases, add to them, replace, or delete them. Just make sure the numbers and the | symbol still remain.

Almost any character or language will work as long as Second Life supports it. The phrase can be as long or as short as you want. Keep in mind spaces are also included so a phrase of " cool" will only pick up when there's a space before it in your speech. Trigger phrases are case sensetive, but your indexed speech is not. So if you had a phrase of "kiss", then both "kiss" and "Kiss" would work when typed in chat. Also remember that you do not have to type these like commands. It will find them anywhere that you type them. So, if you had a phrase of "smil", you could type "I am smiling" and it would trigger it, or even "Uj1298j3smil9jfjehae".

When you're done, save the notecard. It's a long notecard and will take a bit to load, but usually processes in under 30 seconds. This time may very depending on the sim you're in. Avoid using the HUD while it's processing to make sure it loads properly. It will give you percentile updates("25% Loaded...") while it does this and notify you when it's fully loaded. Now it's ready to be used. Click the mode button up top until it says "Auto On" if it doesn't already and it will animate your face based on these triggers.

2005-2014, O Scripting, An Outy Banjo Brand.

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  • 316 Trigger Phrase Included With 950 Custom Phrase Slots.
  • All From One Easy Notecard.
  • Loop Timer For Each Face.
  • Mix And Combine Animations.
  • Push-Button Emote and Color Change.

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not at all good for singers

Posted December 24, 2014 by DJNATENASTY 1 star

This is not at all good for inword entertainers waste of lindens

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Posted August 06, 2012 by Lethendra 5 stars

Title says it all. The product has so many possibilities and is effortless to utilize. Highly urge for anyone into more realism to get! :)

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