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## introduction ##

this is a free and full permission automatic and manual avatar and object scanner. it functions entirely by instant messages and has a focus on low lag. you can wear it or rez it. it works from anywhere, so leaving it at your home in second life to know if someone visits or if you are getting close to the land impact maximum is a good use of this scanner.

the options are
1. manual scan
2. automatic scan (only sends messages when total avatar or object changes)
3. frequency of auto scan
4. complexity of scan
5. range of avatar scan

for the full object scan if the object total and additional information in the instant message do not equal each other, this is not a bug. the total object scan scans within the sphere of the range, and the other information scans the entire parcel.

for the full avatar scan i inputted the most common 30 languages out of 184 languages. if it does not recognize a language, it will send the 2 digit language code. use this link to determine which language their operating system is from the code.

it's possible to hide the language of the operating system from the second life command. i don't think it's possible to hide the script total.

you can easily use 2 of the same objects for seperate object scan and avatar scan. edit the script and scroll to the bottom and change
505 objectscan();
to 505 //objectscan();
and on the other object change
504 avatarscan();
to 504 //avatarscan();
so you are using 2 identical objects, where one scans for objects and the other scans for avatars. this is a simple solution until i integrate this feature into my scanner

## instructions ##

rez or wear the scanner object. touch the object to bring up the menu. you can edit the defaults by editing the script and changing the values at the top if you rez and derez the object often.

if there seems to be a bug or you are wondering about something, there is a developer notecard included in this package. the developer notecard has additional less generally pertinent information which may be useful information to some users.

## future additions ##

seperate avatar and object scan settings

object scan which functions entirely within a range

avatar scan which is parcel wide

nearby object script totals

floating text for 8 or 9 avatars without the need to click

avatar times in sl

avatars sl age

visual display instead of floating text

parcel range detection option

## other ##

this item is set up near my store if you want to see how it works

check back for updated versions

creator's website

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  • free
  • full perm
  • full mod
  • transferrable

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