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White Tiger Combat


To start using the WTC just drop it on yor avatar or slect to attach from the menu.
The hud is a melee weapon, atached in your hand. Thats mean is not seted to dammage, this animator is planed to be used to have fun playing the animations, or fighting in Role Play with a Combat System like CCS or DSC, or any other for melee weapons (no damage).

When you have attached the WTC, you could see a little bright ligs at the right hand of your avatar.
Make a left click in mouse at any spot in your screen to activate the stand atack position and hold pressed to atack using the movement keys.


You can customise your Combat hud changing the animations for you favorites ones purchasing more in my store, or your own animations.

1. * Open an Edit window (CTRL + 3). Rez the WTC on the ground. (Since the MDHUAO prims have transparent surfaces, it may be difficult to find it if you rez it without the Edit window open.) . You must to zoom it close with your camera because is a small piece. You will see a litle brighting block, if you have troubles to watch it hit the CTRL + ALT + T keys, you will see it in red.

2.*Go to the Contents tab, and drag the animaton in there. Some times to load the animation in the conten take several seconds, be patient. Take out the animation what you want to change from the block to your inventory, rename the new animation with the number of the animations which you take out before.

TO active click ON, on local Chat

Animation Name number key
backspinkick ( 1 ) forward
backspinpunch11 ( 2 ) page UP or E key
axekick ( 3 ) left
R-elbowdwon (4 ) right
l-sidekick1 ( 5 ) back
RUPC1 ( 6 ) D+shift
R-knee ( 7 ) PG up or C
maigeri ( 8 ) A+shift
basic (stand)

3.*Take/save the WTC back into your inventory.

Designed by Dudasy Clip. Please drop me a note card with info if you have questions.


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White Tiger Animations
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