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*This avatar is PRE-BENTO!*
*It was made before the Bento Project gave us extra limbs to work with, and therefore uses a hack to create limbs where there were none.*
*You should expect to see some amount of glitching in the back legs when changing animations.*
*You should wear the shape in the box for least glitching.*
*This avatar WILL NOT be updated to bento.*

The BC centaur avatar gives you a mesh horse body that works in combination with your regular SL body to create a nice centaur look. The centaur comes fully animated, fits nicely with many mesh human bodies, and is easy to customize to make your ideal look.

The avatar includes:
- Mesh horse body in two sizes - Small and Large
- Male and Female shapes for each size
- Fully animated AO
- Animation HUD with 4 lays, 2 sits, arm animations, and various actions
- Appearance HUD which allows you to customize your look with 4 body thickness settings, 2 leg thickness settings, standard or cloven hoof options, leg feather option, and gender options
- Riding system that can carry up to 3 riders
- Riding system variants to be ridden, carry a captive, or drag someone beside you
- 4 skin textures and 1 tattoo texture included
- Feather and gender texture options
- Works with all BC horse texture packs and tattoo layers

NOTE: In order to get 6 independently animated limbs, the BC Centaur avatar uses rigging techniques not supported by Linden Labs. You are likely to see twitches in your back legs, especially when changing animations. This is normal and should not be reported as a bug. This is simply a case of the default (4 limb) avatar trying to take over while your new animation loads. If you are seeing these leg twitches for more than one or two seconds at a time, talk to Teager to work out the problem.

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time for a new taur

Posted August 28, 2018 by Beefu 3 stars

As previous reviewers have said, this is the best centaur you can get...which says more about the centaur av market than it does about this avatar. Pretty impressive for pre-bento hind limbs, but be prepared to turn into a mass of spaghetti when you take a sharp turn. No such luck if you want to look as svelte as the female 'taur in the product image either....the only shape you can have without bugging out is a gargantuan, full-sized equine body with a tiny human upper half. And the sound effects....the less said about them the better.

The best thing about this avatar is it had the full weight of the horse avatar modding community behind it, resulting in some amazing mods...for their day. The creator, and the equine SL community, have moved on to the bento Teegle horse, which BC 'taur users cannot benefit from. (the Teegle appliers don't even work with this av...how're those 2014 coat textures treating ya, BC 'taurs?)

All this to say, it's time for a new centaur. I'd pay double for a bento, easily-resizable, Teegle-compatible centaur, but sadly, like the mythical creature it's based on, such a thing doesn't exist.

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The best Taur avatar out there, but I wish it got an upgrade.

Posted April 28, 2018 by Jazzystaples 3 stars

First off let me say, this is the best tauric avatar frame you are going to find on the market as there are little to no alternatives and if there are, there are little to no mods for them.

Let's break it down:

- Extremely moddable to your liking*
- BC textures work for the body
- Actions hud can be modified to have different sounds (comes with instructions)
- It's just really cool.
- This doesn't use bento.
- If I'm reading the desc right, it's not going to be updated to bento, at least for free.
- *Some mesh bodies will have issues since the animations are strictly defined to the SL humanoid structure. If your body isn't closely related to the default body shape, you might see issues. You can forget about using anything with a long neck with this.
- In heavy regions, the AO tends to "stick" and leave you in a walking state with sounds. I've found this is either fixed by moving backward or re-attaching the hud.
- The default avatar is VERY complex. I recommend rezzing it and deleting any bodies/hooves/other parts that you don't need with whatever avatar you use to majorly reduce complexity.

This avatar won't be updated at this point, I believe. Since there's no alternative and if you REALLY need to make a taur avatar, go for it. My wish for this is for a Teegle centaur to get released. I'd gladly pay double the price of this for a quality bento avatar that's as fleshed out as the normal Teegle horse.

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