BEE DRONE S5 (Security/Greeter/Visitor Tracking System) [NeurolaB Inc.] Cyber Cyberpunk Sci-fi Version 5.6

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• Next Generation • BOT DRONE PROJECT • NEWS (V.5.6)


Here you will find the latest technological advances in robotics.At neurolab, we have created the most unique experiences you can find.

Neurolab present to you the new drone S5 version (5th generation).


Full Security Greeter & Visitor Tracking System ( land – sim – club - shop - home - area protection...)

• Available in many look! (the system remains the same for all)

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• 100% Mesh+materials (high quality luxury mesh, ultra realistic baked textures with shadows.)
• H.Q LOD: PRODUCTS WITH ROBUST LOD (professional video game quality)! still looks good even from a distance!

• Nlab Animator Waypoint™ system to definite fly path (easy, fast and fun!)

- Adds a exclusive and very straightforward way to define drone’s fly path : the fly path can be visually defined by rezzing and duplicating green ball waypoints, showing the fly direction and path with a particle arrows beam

- Complete animator sub-menu: rerez wps, update path, rez wp#1, store wps and kill wps
- Displacement: the drone moves following a path you determine


• Security mode: eject or tp home choice [on/off]
• Security range adjust 1 to 4096 meters (full sim)
• Security timer adjust 1 to 90 sec

• Orb Relay "transfert permission" to eject peoples if you not sim owner and also to control multiple parcels!
• Whitelist [on/off]


• Customizable greeting meet avatars. customize your welcome message, delay, speed and much more …
• Enhanced avatar scanning screen with a radar display when on
• Avatar intrusion analysis [on/off] : the drone scans each new avatar which happens on the sim in its fields of action, to approach to him, the scan and shipments him a welcome message
• Giver items to visitors [on/off]
• Visitors counter [on/off]
• Complete email daily report [on/off]


• Fully menu driven
• Adjust sounds volume [on/off]
• Customization drone colors and lights with 11 preselected. (but drone is mod and fully tintable with unlimited colors)
• Display/hide statistics: visit days/total, prim info, sim lag/fps, avatar scanner
• Sounds realistic, particles, display panels with animated textures
• Resize-able
• Permissions: mod - copy
• No lag! professional script memory optimization for best performance!
• Free updates for life! automatic
• N-watch with drone Remote Control includes (relaying drones local chat commands sim-wide)
• And much more...



◦ [Neurolab Inc.] DRONE S5
◦ [Neurolab Inc.] N-Watch (Remote Control)
◦ [Neurolab Inc.] SECURITY RELAY

✪ More info/manual/updates changelogs (us/fr) online :


� Technical Support: Contact “Rohacan Hirons” by Notecard.


• NEUROLAB Inc. CYBER HI-TECH Quality Products Since 2006 • SLOCCA - 100% Original Content •

© Design Copyright. No templates or prefabricated Meshes/sculpties used. Violation will result in DMCA takedown notification towards Linden Labs. Any Copy or Imitation will be considered a Copyright Violation in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) unless authorized by ono Zinner himself, and treated accordingly.

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  • The latest in technological advancement as well as fashion and design
  • Professional Mesh in High Quality
  • Ultra realistic baked textures and shadows an Materials
  • Team Professional Scripts - ZERO LAG
  • No templates or prefabricated Meshes/sculpties used

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Gorgeous drone with mostly good security

Posted April 24, 2020 by Damian Mills 4 stars

TL;DR: Great product as expected from Neurolab. Beautiful design. Awesome support. Some gaps particularly around admitting new visitors. I love watching this guy fly around my property and greet people.

This is my 2nd time reviewing this product. The first time I was much less pleased and I got a nearly instant IM from the creator. So if you have issues, contact him first -- unlike what I did.

Aside from awesome support, other real highlights of this product are its visual aesthetic. Neurolabs doesn't disappoint in that regard. The way its path waymarks are created is also pretty awesome. Once set up, the drone seems to follow its path, greet or evict newcomers, and generally do what it should without trouble. I like it that it can email a visitor report to me daily. From a performance standpoint, I've tried to see what effect animating this drone has on my sim and whatever it is, it's negligible.

Some of the lowlights from my perspective are that you cannot query its current status with any detail. For instance, if I want to know what the current notification settings are, I have to summon it and toggle through the choices. The same is true with most everything else. Because I am new with the product my I am always wanting to check settings and this method is very cumbersome. I wish it would just dump the current settings into chat via touch, chat command, or watch remote.

Another more serious lowlight from my perspective is that when a new visitor shows up, it does not ask me whether they should be admitted or not. The only way to admit a person is to summon the drone over to me and edit the whitelist notecard or else temporarily turn security off. That makes sense for commercial use but for home use, that's VERY old-school.

I also wish I could edit the message sent to an intruder. I can edit the greeting message to someone on the whitelist. But for someone not on the whitelist, the eviction message is fixed.

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Posted August 14, 2016 by ManxTT 5 stars

Amazing when it makes the way around these waypoints in our Sim, just love it.
Very easy to work with :)

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