BKS Ships - i-Zero Luxury Space Home (BOXED)

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Main Ship Features:
- Non-Physical Flight
- 131 Prims (+ rezzor items)
- 5 seat flight bridge
- Reactive Shielding
- Region Database
- Map Teleporter
- Hyper-jump
- Replicator

Rezable Features:
- Physical flight s-Zero shuttle
- Landing Pads Including s-Zero rezzors
- Dock 2 and s-Zero rezzors
- Dock 1 ramp only
- Tube Dock
- Ramp
- Lounge (TV, Radio, Seating)
- Luxury bedroom & bathroom
- Map Room

The i-Zero was purpose built as a luxury space home. The main shipis not a combat vessel although it has 2 cannons and reactive shielding. these are to assist in the escape. Direct combat against an m-Zero is not recommended. You can rez up as many s-Zero as required from the landing pads these can outrun the m-Zero missiles with some creative flying. The s-Zero is a fast physical flyer equipped with 2 forward mounted cannons.

Relaxing is easy in this home on the move. At night curl up in bed with a loved one and enjoy the high quality adult poses, or a refreshing shower after a hard day. Additional undocumented poses can be found around the ship, I will leave owners to discover those of their own accord.

Control the TV directly from the ship (land permissions required) or use the regional database to travel to favourite places or research the home world of your nemesis. The on-board replicator contains some party supplies and in case of emergency a basic gun.

Ship is (copy, modify, no transfer) this allows owners to rez more than one ship or modify the look to suit their own needs. Ship has will clean up rezzed items when ship takes off.

2 new docks are included with this version the default docks for the Zero Dock Pack any available public docks within sim will respond choose your destination and let the ship do the rest. Test it out at Spaceport Sim. You can also purchase your own doc for home use.

- Pilot seat is the center bridge seat
- Pilot menu will come up automatically when pilot seated.
- Touch the ship while seated to request the menu again.

- i-Zero and s-Zero (WASD EC or cursor keys PageUp PageDown)
- s-Zero capable of mouse look or external flight
- s-Zero weapons mouse click in mouse look or keys A&D at the same time in external camera flight

- Cannons (mouse look)
Engines must be on to enable quick keys
Combat mode must be on to receive damage

Dock Request
- Any available docs in range will respond
- Choosing one will dock your ship and increase repair rate
- Public docks can be purchased seperately. To test them there are some available at Spaceport.

Co-Pilot Menu:
- Co-pilot are added from pilot menu by the owner only
- Co-pilots can fly main ship operate shield, door and rezzors

- Camera via pilot menu 4 to choose from

- Shield via pilot menu
- Shield will return fire on collission based events

- Can travel 50-500m (default 50)

- Can travel 50-500m (default 50) instantly

- Can be set to set to Any, Group or All options
- Rezzed items are temporary or clean self up on launch of the main vessel.

Region Database:
- search on any sim name or enter them in the favorites list.
- Display sim name, map, status and maturity rating

Long Sofa:
- 1 side of each of the long couches has couples cuddle menu.

A few fun drink and food items have been added to liven up parties, only the blue milk is safe. Also a very basic gun is available incase of emergencies

The free TV system included has its on website help. Group remote for group land.

Map Room:
Touch planets to change surface. Touch faction rings to change faction. Select attacking planet then click on target planet.

Single sleep poses in pillows just right click a pillow and sit.Touch the matress to start the couples engine for adult poses

Eqipped with a modified Earth style flusable toilet, this lil bueaty prepares itself on use and even seals when your done (a benefit to other crew members and a compulsory design requirement of flushable toilets in space). A rapid decontamination shower tradional basin and towel rail have also been installed.

Add-on Updater
This is an automated installer when BKS addon rooms are purchased follower the installer instructions it will auto install the addons to correct rezzor.

You can mod the ship or link in your own iitems but do not change the root prim or go above 256 prims.

Free automatic updates
Contact Kat Burger for support requests

Patch Notes v1.2
-Minor fix to hypedrive
-Lower room converted to rezzor
-Sticky door fixed

Patch Notes v1.3
- Updated shuttle from 3.2 to 4.0

Patch Notes 2.0
- Updated mega prims to SL prims, some textures, brightened ship, added Map Room

Patch Notes 2.5
- added collission damage system, auto addon installer, effects, auto docking, 2 cannons and 2 new docksImproved flight

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  • Non-Physical Flyer + Collision Damage System
  • Reactive Shielding
  • Gunned physical flyer shuttle
  • Rezz Rooms and Region Database
  • Luxury Home

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Love it !!

Posted July 08, 2014 by Ethereal Silvercloud 5 stars

Adds so much to my space station role play, love how the ships are easy to control and don't fly too fast, love all the little extras to rez up temporary, thank you for a very creative design +++++++++++++

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