BOX,Mechanical Elephant (canvas) Version 1

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BOX,Mechanical Elephant (canvas)
1 (1LI) prims canvas of artwork on front image and back info
Artwork texture inside canvas
1 Certificate viewer with additional images and information

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Full project and artwork information at

graphite, ink-pen, mechanical, elephant, colored-pencil

A mechanical elephant with a driver in the head, stands next to a small fence, barrel and box with a mountain in the background. Front foot plates are removed to see the mechanics.

Artwork Information:
"Mechanical Elephant" is a 2010 mechanical pen and pencil creation. The focus was the Elephant and I also wanted to provide elements for the vanishing point, shadow lines and reflection. The fence provides my vanishing point and shadow, along with the box and barrel. The elephant shadows wasn't done by strict lines from the sun like the fence, box and barrel. It was rendered to basic looks to match the complex form of the elephant.

The Driver can be seen in the head. Presumably one or two other crew members are inside. Some of the feet plates are removed and set aside to expose the workings.

I imagined the ear that are directional and could be could opened up for increased sensitivity. The trunk functions in many fashions like a real elephant for manipulating things, but may also have various sensors. The tusks are an EMF (electro magnetic field) weapon. They are tuned to each other like two dipole antennas, so any EMF field could be aimed to a degree.


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  • 1 (1LI) Prim Canvas with art on front and info on back.
  • 1 prim with info & Certificaion
  • Artwork texture inside canvas
  • Includes Copy/Modify Texture(s)

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