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Preview Station Scene Rezzer
An easy way to rez scenes on demand!


✔ Easy way for you to backup and rez your scenes or backdrops on demand.
✔ Allows your customers and guests to preview your creations.
✔ Compatible with small and huge builds from a simple chair to a complete house.
✔ Use mode: Owner Only, Group Only, Anyone.
✔ Packager (Rez-box) included free, allows you to pack and rez your builds with accuracy and quickly, no extra setup needed to use with this preview machine.
✔ Packager comes with copy and transfer permissions, you can sell your creations packaged.
✔ No setup needed, rename your picture and add your product packaged with the included Packager.
✔ Rez button to display your product live, in-world.
✔ Save prims. (Land Impact of 3 (6 panels model) and 5 (8 panels model) as displayed at our store, low LOD optimized.)
✔ Auto Derez function on menu. (Will wait for your customer or guest to leave the area before derez 3D model)
✔ Option to return to first item after avatar browsing the machine leaves the area, allows you to keep your most attractive item selected (or even rezzed), ready for your next guest.
✔ Option to make any item, the first item on list without renaming. (Useful when return to first item is enabled)
✔ Fast rez enabled automatically for models with less than 20 items / link sets.
✔ Optional Floating Text on top of the machine. (Mall friendly)
✔ Handles an average of 100 products in each preview / demo machine. (This number may vary according to the "size" of names of your scenes.)
✔ Color menu on touch, 9 colors to choose, to match your decoration and enhance your products.
✔ No worries or concerns with rotations or lag, no extra listeners or timers enabled when not necessary.

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Copy and Modify.
All scripts are no mod.
Packager permissions are copy and transfer (included)


Updated: October 2022

Version 6.4
This update is not required, but is recommended if you plan to make use and take advantage of the following new functions:

[ Preview Station ]

✔ Added group only use mode (Only users belonging to a specific group and wearing the group tag can use the machine).
✔ Simplified Auto Derez function with quick instructions on menu (Now only Enabled or Disabled, if Disabled, machine will always keep a set rezzed in-world at all times, Default setting for Auto Derez is Enabled).
✔ In this version Auto Derez does not ignore owner when rezzing an object. ( Objects will stay rezzed for as long as owner remains in region or turn Off and On machine ).
✔ Option to return to first item after avatar leaves the region, along with menu option to set any item selected as the first one. (Allows you to keep your most attractive item ready and selected for the next guest). This option comes enabled by default in v6.4, works seamlessly along with Auto Derez.
✔ Tweaked rez position, now they are exactly the same for both 6 and 8 panels, for all Preview Stations, all Vendors and Rez Station on version 6.4 . This may cause a slight difference in X and Z position for current models already setup using an old version, in most cases is not perceptible, and if so, you may just "move" the machine a bit to match old version (lower Z less than a tenth of a meter.. about 0.05m ).
✔ Option to enabled Infinite Pages (when reaching the last page, returns to the first and vice-versa).
✔ More color options built-in to change frame colors.
✔ Small changes to menu and scripts in general.

[Packager Rez-Box Script]

- Rez-Box will also become "Phantom" by default when rezzed by a LunaMare rezzer machine (Preview Station, Vendor and Rez Rentals)
- Updated positioning when rezzed by a LunaMare rezzer machine. (Fix a small variation between 8 Panels and 6 Panels models)

The update is simple and instructions are included with this package.

As with all updates, they are free, and you should have received a new version.
If for some reason you did not received this version, feel free to do a redelivery here at the marketplace, or send me an IM for purchases in-world.


I hope you will enjoy this item as much as I enjoyed creating it!
Any questions feel free to IM me. Have fun!


Andred Darwin.
LunaMare Designs.

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  • Multi Scene backup rezzer
  • Auto derez on menu.
  • Not a vendor machine but allows your guests to preview your creations
  • Easy setup free rezbox aka rez-box included
  • Simple setup drag and drop, and rename your texture

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full star full star full star full star full star Posted February 09, 2022 by LjHarris

I had a few issues initially but the owner came over straight away and helped me set it all up and even adjusted a script for me! Thank you so much!! Awesome product & service! :)

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Just perfect!!
full star full star full star full star full star Posted February 09, 2022 by QueenAdelia

I use this to store and rez backdrops for photography and it works like a charm! Super easy to setup and use, and good visual quality. I needed a little change in the script to make it work as intended for my specific situation, and as I reached out to Andred he was fast to answer, listened to my issue and my wish, and was quick to tweak the script to my needs. Really top service and Andred is very professional, nice and polite to communicate with. Would give 10 stars if I could. Thanks again so much Andred, keep up the great work and attitude!

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  • Automatic redelivery
  • Land Impact: 3
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