Ban Line / Explorer HUD / Professional Quality for Pilots, Boaters, Planes, All Vehicles, even Landlords! Version V8.26 Turbo

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*Used and Endorsed by the SL Coast Guard*

It's easy: Just wear it as a HUD. It takes care of itself.

The HUD shows the entire sim. The arrow shows your exact location. Each square is 1024 sq. meters, and its color is based on ban lines, hazards, or rez zones in that square. Click on any square to see it in full 16 sq. meter resolution.

The squares along the outer edges of the HUD represent the 4 adjoining sims. You can click those squares too, which shows EXACTLY where you can safely cross.


Bright Red - Area is *completely* obstructed by ban lines. Don't even think about it.

Dark Red - Area is completely obstructed, but you are above the ban lines in altitude so you're safe.

Bright Yellow - Area is *partially* obstructed by ban lines. Click the square to see exactly where.

Dark Yellow - Area is partially obstructed, but you are above the ban lines so you're safe.

Black X - Shallow Water.

Bright Green - Area is clear. You're good to go.

Bright Blue - Area has one or more Rez Zones.

Dark Green or Dark Blue - Linden-Owned land.

Purple - Private Parcels. This option is included because crossing in or out of a private parcel can mess up camera controls, if you are crossing a sim border at the same time.

The HUD's menu allows you to turn on or off any of the following features:

* Show Rez Zones
* Speedometer, Heading Indicator, Position Indicator
* Shallow Water
* Timer, Odometer, & Warning Tone
* Lost Vehicle Finder
* Full-Featured Trip Logging System
* Easy and Fun to Use Waypoint System
* Display Region Channel, Time Dilation, Last Restart Time
* Show Linden Owned Land and/or Private Parcels
* Control the Floating Text and the HUD's Rotation
* Check for Updates

It is really easy to use, it is fast, and it is very easy on sim resources. All of these features are packed into only 7 super-efficient scripts that use only 365K of memory!

There's a Trip Logging System that can keep logs of your trips, sim by sim. The logs can be viewed at any time, can be viewed by date or date range, are unlimited in size, and can be kept for up to a year!

It includes a waypoint feature which tracks the exact distance and bearing to your destination. You can set waypoints anywhere on the grid. For example, set one at your home base in order to track of how far you have strayed from home, and easily tell what direction to head in order to get back there. Set waypoints at all of your favorite destinations. Over 40 waypoints can be stored for easy retrieval at any time!

Waypoints are surprisingly useful as a tape measure with unlimited range. For example, simply set a waypoint where you are standing, which takes only 3 mouse clicks, then walk, fly, run, teleport, or whatever to location B to instantly see the distance between where you were and where you are, no matter how close or how far apart they are (the range goes to infinity). Handy for measuring parcels, house dimensions, boat dimensions, distance between sims, etc.

Caveats: The HUD cannot detect ban lines created because the parcel is set for Payment Info On File and/or Age Verified Only. The way to avoid this problem, of course, is to make sure your AV has payment information on file and is age verified. :)

It also can't tell if you have been banned from an area specifically by name. The way to avoid this problem is to be nice and don't get yourself banned from places. :)

In addition to being able to show Linden-Owned land, there is a notecard in the HUD called "Special Land Settings". Edit it to customize what land the HUD considers "Linden Owned". This means you can customize the HUD to find land owned by any avatars or groups.

This HUD is capable of *phenomenal* performance on all of the Linden-owned and privately-owned open sailing/flying sims. If you want to see that same phenomenal performance on mainland sims, while at the same time decreasing the script load, keep reading.

There is a free "Explorer's HUD Helper Prim" available. If you own or rent land, you can rez it anywhere on your land. As long as it remains rezzed in the sim, it will dramatically raise the performance of every HUD wearer entering that sim. At the same time, it relieves all those entering HUDs from having to do their own scan, making things easier on the sim. It is a win-win scenario for every sim that has a Helper Prim rezzed somewhere.

In fact, it is only a single 50K script that does it all, so you don't even need to rez the prim. You can take the script out and place in an existing object anywhere in the sim.

Please consider using one of these Helpers in each of your sims. You and your sims will thank you for it! Simply IM Triple Peccable for your free Helper.

Triple Peccable

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  • This is the best defensive weapon against Banlines that you will ever find
  • Floating Text Color can be Synchronized with your Bandit Sailboats
  • Tracks Position, Heading, Speed, Distance, Shallow Water, & Waypoint Bearing
  • Warning Tone, Waypoint System, Full-Featured Trip Logging, Odometer, Timer
  • Shows Rez Zones, Shallow Water, Linden Land, Private Parcels

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Super útil, super genial.

Posted March 16, 2021 by ZairaPlax 5 stars

Ahora puedo hacer exploraciones en SL con un mayor alcance continental.

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Great tool with flying vehicles

Posted October 21, 2020 by Thunderchild Allen 5 stars

I like this tool. Helps a lot when flying across regions. I have sites in three spots alone route 8, Triasm, Milda and Akhsharumova. Use to be in Cecil, Spinach and Highflyer. I've used this to navigate a helicopter between Milda and Cecil. It took about 90 minutes or more to do it and also needed a co-pilot. It's is nice to have even when going down route 8 just to help identify ban lines, free space, sandboxes and other things. I'd like to put a vendor up for it on my sites.

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