Beau's Buckboard Hay Wagon Boxed Version 1

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First! A Special thank you to Bo Canningham (aka Beau) who thoughts inspired this Wagon!

As with all wagons from Out on a Whim there are several versions included in the package to provide as much compatibility with as many Horse/Animal Creators as possible.

For Humans & Their Wearable Horses, and for Horse Avatars the features are almost identical.
2 versions of each are included.
FT = Flat non mesh Linden Land
RT = Rough Terrain, Mesh or uneven prim ground
(Does it really matter which you use? Not especially, either will work however you may find one works better than the other)

These versions are 32 LI

Both of these types of wagons will seat up to 8 Avatars (7 if you're using the Humans & Their wearable horse version, 8 if you're using a horse Avatar)

Both of these wagons can be set to public use. The Humans and their wearable horses can be set by clicking the wagon and choosing the Owner or Public option.
Horse Avatars will be prompted when they sit on the "horse ball" at the front of the wagon and can change drivers using the commands offered in chat.

Both of these wagons have rolling wagon and hoof beat sounds. The Humans & their horses version, click the trim next to the tail gate to turn the sound on and off

For the Horse Avatar versions the sounds are already embedded with the drive scripts. They will start and stop as the wagon moves and stops.

Seating arrangements - Two Avatars can sit on the bench seat (Right Click the Seat or the arm rests and "sit")
Seating for 1 Avatar on each Hay Bale. The Hay bale at the very front offers seating on the floor.

The Display version is just that.. Display Only
31 LI

ALL Wagons have adjustable harness rails to fit all breeds with some modification (basic editing skills helpful)
ALL Wagons (Not the Display version) have wheels that spin when moving
ALL Wagons Have tailgates that open and close.
ALL animations are adjustable (Type /1a in chat to adjust positions)

Teeglepets users!

Your wagon is all ready to link to your Teeglepet (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE AWARE that if you are using a Teeglepet that is NO COPY and want to link the horse to the cart that you may run in to difficulty if you ever want to remove that pet from the cart! No Copy Teeglepets are not recommended for linking to the wagons)

Your wagon is de-scripted except for the wheels, leave those in there if you want them to spin, and has no animations at all. The Base Equine Notecard and Animations are included in a separate box in this package. Follow the instructions found here

If you plan on "doing it the hard way" simply link your Teeglepet to the cart and drop in the provided animations and Base Equine Notecard after you've linked your Teeglepet to the cart. Please read the detailed instructions above to discover all of the ways this type of wagon can be used.

The Teeglepet Wagons will seat three avatars only (Second Life Limitation)

This Teeglepet Wagon was fitted using the Clydesdale breed, however with the modifiable Harness Rails and Base (block the rails are connected to beneath the wagon, they can be easily adjusted to any breed)

The Teeglepet Wagons can be shared with others by clicking the Teeglepet and choosing the owner/public permissions

Camera adjustments: Teeglepets come with a camera hud that offers many fun options for viewing your Teeglepet in motion! Be sure to check out the camera hud to find your favorite angles.

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  • Teeglepet & Horse Avatar Compatible
  • Spinning Wheels
  • Multiple Animated Seating
  • Opening Tail Gate
  • Public/Owner Use

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