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Based on the "Exotic" Martin Backpacker Acoustic Guitar - Color Change Script

Color Change Script: 2 Colors.


The instrument is attached to the "Spine". Whenever you decide to use another attachment spot (ie: the "chest") you must setup the instrument positions again (see the "HUD INSTRUCTIONS").

Wear your "Beerbaum Music HUD": just wear it and it will popup on the top part of your screen. It is attached to the "HUD Center 2", you may change the attachment point a/o the position editing it. The HUD is full perm so you can add your own animations or modify the graphic. Look at the "HUD INSTRUCTIONS" to discover its functions. *** MAKE A SAFETY COPY BEFORE MODIFYING YOUR HUD!!!

Wear your "Pick Beerbaum" (only if you need sounds): the pick must be worn to use the HUD "Sound" menu. It is attached to the "right hand", change the attachment point or move it away from your hand (ie: inside your body) if you don't like to show it.
The Pick comes full mod, you may rename, delete or add new sounds and full length songs and they will pop-up in the "SOUND" menu. *** MAKE A SAFETY COPY BEFORE YOU MODIFY YOUR PICK!!! *** You may edit your Pick rezzing it on the ground (pay attention, it is small!). Look at the "Play! iT Engine HELP" to figure how to add new sounds and songs.


(STOP): Stops all the current animations, effects and sounds (if in use).
(AUDIO): Calls the sound menu (you must wear the additional playing device. Ie: Guitar Pick).

(CENTER DISPLAY): Shows the current animation, mode.

(PLAY): Press a single time to recall the playing position. To store a new position: press it, edit the guitar on your body and press it again.
(BACK): Press a single time to recall the playing position. To store a new position: press it, edit the guitar on your body and press it again. NOTICE: While carry on back it also stops all the current animations and sounds (if used).
(CUSTOM POSITIONS) (Grey Guitar Icons): Press a single time to recall the playing position. To store a new position: press it, edit the guitar on your body and press it again.

(ANIMATIONS ROW) (White): press to activate an animation. The animations are defined in the "_config" notecard.
(ADDITIONAL ANIMATIONS) (Blue): custom animations can be added via "_config" notecard.

(SEQUENCES 1-6): Play an animation sequence. Sequences are stored into the "_config" notecard, animations are identified by their numbers. Ie: "0|1|2|3" will play the first, second, third and fourth anim, and again. The time is specified by the "anim_time" field, but you can specify the playing time for each individual entry following the animation number by the seconds that it must play before switching to the next one. Ie: "1,10|2,5" will play the animation n.1 for 10 seconds and the animation n.2 for 5 seconds, and so on.

(RANDOM): Play random animations. The switch lenght is configured via "_config" notecard, via the field: "anim_time".

(MASTER): Chain icon is used to activate the Function. The "+" icon is used to add a Master. While in the other Mode, the avatar will follow the animations executed by his master. Notice: he will follow the * Animations Number * not the animation name, so he may actually use a different animation set (set via his "_config"). In example a guitar bass (or even a drumer) may play another animation while his master is doing something else.

(EFFECTS): Stars, Thunders, Fire, Flying Hearths, Flying Note, Stop Effects.

(LEFT HAND SWITCH) (Purple Circle Arrows): Switch to left hand guitars, the animations are then mirrored (it requires a left hand guitar of course).

(RESET): Reset the HUD.

- How to add or modify the current animations:
Open the "_config" notecard. The fields to identify the animations are "animations" and "animations_L" (lefthand). Insert the animations there separated by "|", they will be assigned to the buttons from n.1 to n.16.


Further informations may be found at: http://www.vittoriobeerbaum.com

.Play! iT Engine (Play your music!)

- What's "Play it" ?
"Play it!" is a new music engine to add music to your instruments, now you may add your own sound loops and full length songs!!!

- How it works?
Full songs are performed using "SL Sounds", playing a list of sounds one each the other in a sequence automatically. Whenever i strongly suggest to use a proper streaming server for your performing, you may get alot of fun having your instrument playing "inworld". Each instrument comes with one or more full length songs preloaded, feel free to add more and more songs to have a infinite music experience!



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