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This package contains the script (AVsitter 2 plugin) necessary to play Bento face animations, but it does NOT contain animation sets. By adding one script per avatar, you can:

- Make that avatar play Bento face animations (not included in this package)
- Play more than one animation at once
- Define a set of animations per head brand (up to 9)
- And more! (Check below)

IMPORTANT: Animations are NOT included.

Check related items for animation sets.
Check related items for a pack with this PRO script AND animation sets.

If you have any doubt, IM Auryn Beorn prior to purchase.


* The configuration notecard is now named:

[Black Tulip] Faces PRO v2.0 - AVsitter Plugin ~CFG~

* New '[Black Tulip] Rest Head v2.0' animation. It should fix most of the issues with the tongue getting stuck in newer heads.

* New skipAVpos notecard command

* The script now reads notecards named as:

AVpos 1
AVpos 2
[Black Tulip] Faces PRO v2.0 - AVsitter Plugin ~CFG~
[Black Tulip] Faces PRO v2.0 - AVsitter Plugin ~CFG~ 1
[Black Tulip] Faces PRO v2.0 - AVsitter Plugin ~CFG~ 2

* Improved internal memory management. If you use the same expression over and over different animations, you can store safely up to 500 of them. Use short names!
Important: Having many heads defined may lower this limit.

* You can now use the name of an ANIM line in subsequent ANIM lines if they're meant to have the same expression.

* You can now overlap two or more facial expressions to be played at once. Use the @ character to separate them.

* If the FIRST of the expressions has a NEGATIVE TIME, said expression will be repeated every number of POSITIVE SECONDS, independently of the rest of the expressions. This allows for instance to keep the mouth open while playing a sequence of facial expressions:

* This first of the expressions with negative time also allows the @ character to have more than one facial expression played at once:

* The following command atop of the AVpos notecard:


Now shows a menu where you can select a set of animations for a head brand and if you want to stop/start the facial animations.

Always refer to http://www.blacktulip-virtual.com/CustomerArea/customer-service-information.php?doc=terms-of-use-licenses-of-black-tulips-products for the most up-to-date license.

By acquiring this package, you agree to:

- Use the scripts included in the corresponding building aid box in your own productions only AFTER having set its permissions for NEXT OWNER to NO COPY or NO TRANSFER.
- NOT give away any of the scripts contained in this box under any circumstances.

The scripts are EXCLUSIVELY to be used in the items you sell/gift: you are responsible for any misuse.



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full star full star full star full star full star Posted July 08, 2024 by Sharelle Aurelia

I haven't tried the script. Yet, I'm hoping it would help save memory. I always used a transparent prim as attachment with a pose using AVsitter 2. This time I kept getting errors concerning 100 max props and the shared script didn't work for what I wanted... Anyway, I thought to give Black Tulip script a try! It's a lot of work writing two notecards (AVpos and Black Tulip's). Still, I'm hoping it will get better over time as I learn how to use.

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Great script
full star full star full star empty star empty star Posted February 16, 2024 by Happy Toshi

First off this great work the script is wonderful when you do the face animations and copy your avpos card just remember to delete all that stuff that you might have put on it and av sitter put on it and put the actual name. Reason for docking 2 stars had alot of trouble learning it and never got a single word from the creator but there is also a youtube video if you hunt for it kinda old thou. Anyways wont find anything better then this.

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