Bright Temp-Rezzer: copyable gadget to rez objects without using up land prims!

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It seems too good to be true, but it *is* true.

A 1024m2 mainland plot only holds 234 prims: but less widely known is that it can hold another 137 "temporary" prims. Just declaring your object "temporary" removes it from the normal prim count, and taps into this extra space instead!

The problem is, temporary objects simply disappear after 60 seconds. Temporary prims were meant for things like bullets, which have a short life, and which you don't want left lying around.

What the Bright Temp-Rezzer does is simple. Your object must be copy/mod. From this, it rezzes a *temporary* copy. Then, before the 60 seconds are up, it rezzes another one in exactly the same place, and deletes the first one. In this way, it keeps a copy of the object in existence *permanently*, but using the *temporary* prim allowance!

The Temp-Rezzer can also make your object rotate, and if loaded with a number of objects can rez them one after another in a cycle - making it ideal for shop displays.

But you can use a temp-rezzer for anything from your furniture and toys to your house itself: and as the temp rezzer can make itself invisible while in use, noone need ever know the difference.

Best of all, unlike some competing (and indeed more expensive) products, the Bright Temp-Rezzer is *copyable*: so you may use as many as you need!

Unlock the true storage capacity of your land, with a Bright Temp-Rezzer!


Better yet, the Bright Temp-Rezzer has recently been improved! Check your Bright Temp-Rezzer folder - if it contains a "Bright Temp-Rezzer #020" or earlier, yours is out of date: it will work perfectly, but if you wish, you can IM Shan Bright for a free upgrade, with the following new features:

a) SETTINGS MENU: Clicking the new Temp-Rezzer will display a new menu of settings buttons, making configuration easy. Switch it on and off, cycle through its objects, make them spin faster or slower, or make them still, and make the rezzer itself invisible, all at the click of a button.

b) ADJUST POSITION AND ANGLE BY EYE: Using the new menu, you can adjust the position and angle of your rezzed object visually! Click buttons to move or turn your object until it exactly where you want it. (But don't worry - if you preferred writing the exact coordinates down on a notecard, you can still do that instead :) )


If you have comments or questions, please do not hesitate to send an IM to:

Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer
Bright Corporation

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Posted April 08, 2009 by Simon Seurat 5 stars

Shan Bright helped me out straight away when I had a question - great customer service !

This is an awesome product that is really easy to use and has full comprehensive instructions , I had picked up some free temp-rezzers previously but didn't understand how to use them , however I managed to learn how to use this within a minute.

If your temp-rezzed object rezzes at an odd angle , a tip is to change the placement from ' Centre ' to ' Root ' , and then simply alter the angle of the item if it still looks odd. Modification is really simple.

If you are worried about temp-rezzing or find it complicated , this is the product to buy and it works great too , its fantastic !

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Posted January 11, 2008 by Meerkat Messerchmitt 5 stars

That is exactly what I needed, thank you,
5 stars for that item.

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