CM - Entroterra Platforms & Walls Modular System

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(also including the CM - Entroterra - Privacy Walls Modular System)

No more avatars half collapsed in the mesh ground !
Sharp edges !

CM - Entroterra Platform & Walls Modular System is your modular land system.

Perfect for making your parcel "dinamic", or for having a great land in the sky or for waterland too.

It comes to you with different tileable Platforms (with different heights) including also the Beach, ramps and the CM - Entroterra - Privacy Walls Modular System too.

You can combine platforms, beach, walls and ramps to obtain the better combination for your parcel.

ATTENTION: any single Platform/Beach, fits a 1024 mq land by default, so you can use this System if you have a 1024 parcel, a 2048 or a 4096 and so on.

The packaging also includes 1024 mq Beach, 1024 mq Platform ready to use.

Also 2048 mq (the platform + beach you can see in the pic) and a 4096 mq (the complete set you can see in the pic) land combinations ready to use.

Beyond than, you can combine the Platforms, the Beach, the Walls and the ramps, how many times you want to obtain the shape you prefer.

It comes with mody + copy permissions (wich means you can resize it the way you like and copy how many times you want, so....combinations are endlessly !) normal and specular maps (for better results on Advanced Lighting Model enabled) and original textures.

PLEASE read the included instructions (if you need any assistance, don't hesitate to im Hykko Voom inworld also if offline, we'll be back to you asap ;-)

This luxury packaging includes:

=> CM - Entroterra - Modular Beach (1024) about 32x32 mtrs - LI 37
=> CM - Entroterra - Modular Land Platform (low) (1024) about 32x32x4 mtrs - LI 47 Platform + LI 5+4+4+3 Privacy Walls or LI 58 (linked together)
=> CM - Entroterra - Modular Land Platform (med.) (1024) about 32x32x7,5 mtrs - LI 50 Platform + LI 5+4+4+3 Privacy Walls or LI 64 (linked together)
=> CM - Entroterra - Modular Land Platform (high) (1024) about 32x32x11,5 mtrs - LI 57 Platform + LI 5+4+4+3 Privacy Walls or LI 72 (linked together)
=> CM - Entroterra - Modular Land Platform & Beach (2048) about 64x32(x0 to 4) mtrs LI 37(beach)+47(platform)+1(ramp)+5+4+4+3(walls)
=> CM - Entroterra - Complete Modular Land (4096) about 64x64(x0 to 11,5) mtrs - LI 47+50+57+37 (or 181 linked together including ramps) + 4+3+3+4+4+5+4(walls)
=> CM - Privacy Walls about 28x3 mts each - LI 5+4+4+3 (or 15 if linked together)
=> CM - Platform textures (frames/no frames)

100% mesh

Copy + Mod. permissions

If you have any question, please contact us inworld via IM to Hykko Voom (also if not online) or via email, we'll be back to you asap

Important notes
About mesh: this is a 100% mesh item, so you need a mesh optimized viewer to properly see the item (we always suggest to use the latest official LL viewer). Mesh technology allows the builders to create items with good textures and reasonable low prims land impact. 
The LI amount, however, often depends on how the mesh objects are linked, about the size and about how many scripts are in the item's content, so please always remember this information in case you need to edit and/or resize a mesh item.
Materials enabled. About Normal and Specular maps: normal and specular map are a material technology introduced in SL, it uses normal and specular maps to create bumpiness and shinyness effects with viewer's Advanced Lighting Model enabled (under graphic preferences tab).
About shadows: the item's pics are shooted inworld. Object shadows in the pics are created using the Sun/Moon + Projection option inside the SL viewer (to activate the option: Preferences => Graphics => Advanced Lighting Model => Sun/Moon + Projectors).



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Land Required

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

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