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The Marquee DJ Titler is a small gadget for DJs that displays their current tune above their head as an easily visible ticker, i.e., unlike other titlers the information isn't displayed as a single line of text, but as a large marquee that scrolls through the DJ's name and the song title.
Additionally, it can also announce the song in local chat. Every time the song changes, a cute particle effect is shown.
This way everyone in the audience knows immediately what you are playing!

The audience can also wish songs, and the requests will show as a popup menu in the DJ's viewer.

DJ Titler works with SHOUTcast.

You can adjust the color of the titler, or let it cycle through colors.

Setup and Operation

Wear the titler. It will attach to your left eyeball.
As soon as you attach it, you will see some help messages how to use it in local chat (only you can see this).

Set the IP address of your SHOUTcast stream.
To do this simply type
/19 <Your SHOUTcast IP address;Port>
and the titler will start reading the SHOUTcast feed. If your server is not connected, the titler will display "(Server offline)."

You can turn the DJTitler on or off (show or hide it) by using the
following chat commands:
/19 show
/19 hide

Announcing Songs and Messages

DJ Titler can announce the song in local chat. There are 3 modes: say, shout, and off. To configure announcing, type one of the following in local chat:
/19 announce say
/19 announce shout
/19 announce off
By default, announcing is set to "say."

The titler can also announce messages in local chat. The messages are stored in the notecard found in the DJTitler's inventory. To enable the messages and recurring song annoucement, you need to use the following
/19 interval <Seconds>
where <Seconds> is the number of seconds between two announcements. If the interval is set to 0
/19 interval 0
recurring annoucement of songs and messages is turned off, i.e. the song will only be announced once when a new song starts, and no messages will be sent.

You can set the name by which the titler announces a song or a message.
By default, the name is simply "DJ <Your Name>". You can change it by using
/19 name <New DJTitler Name>

Wishing Songs

The DJTitler has a built-in facility that lets the audience make requests that will be shown to the DJ as a popup menu. As a DJ let your audience know that they can use the chat command
/19 wish <Text of the request, e.g. song title and artist>
to send a request. There is a pre-defined message in the DJTitler.
The DJTitler also has a feature that lets the audience request songs from a remote location, i.e., from a different sim than you currently are.

Setting Colors and Particles

You can customize the way your DJTitler looks. For instance you can have some ASCII art with your name in it above the song name. To do this, type
/19 title <Your title here>
The help notecard contains a few ASCII art examples to get you started.

To set titler colors, type
/19 <Color Name>
in local chat, where <Color Name> is one of the following colors: white, blue, teal, cyan, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple.

If you want to let your titler cycle through colors, type
/19 cycle

You can also adjust the colors in a finer way by providing the hue of the color as a number from 0 to 360:
/19 color <Hue>

Every time the song changes, DJ Titler displays a cute particle effect. You can turn it on or off by typing
/19 particles on
/19 particles off
in local chat. By default, particles are turned on.
You can also start the particle effect manually by typing
/19 particles
in local chat. This also works if the particles have been turned off.
You can change the particles' colors. By default, the particles start with a random color and do a transition to the titler's color. By typing
/19 particles color <StartColor> <EndColor>
you can set both the start and end colors.<StartColor> and <EndColor> can be
- a color name (white, gray, black, blue, teal, cyan, green, yellow, orange,
red, pink, purple),
- a number, which will be interpreted as a hue as described above,
- "random" (without quotation marks) for a new random color for each particle effect,
- "titler" (without quotation marks) to match the titler's text color.
For instance,
/19 particles color red random
lets the particles start in red and transform to a random color.


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  • Displays the current song above your head as a easily visible marquee
  • Announces the song in chat; the announcement interval can be customized
  • The audience can make wishes that will be shown as a menu
  • Cute particle effect when the song changes

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Posted May 22, 2019 by Skye Ramir 5 stars

This is good for when you are a dj who does voice and sometimes doesn't. Expecially when you work at an club that doesnt 100% require djs to voice to a certian point. Specially if someone has an sore throat when djing but their able to make the dj set but can't voice over that day least the titler comes in handy.

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