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Save and restore camera position and angle with a mouse click. A great little helper for anyone who is doing SL photography.

What Does It Do? --- A Short Description

Have you ever been frustrated setting up the perfect shot zooming in and zooming out to adjust the lighting for the scene, wasting minutes of precious time?
Viewfinder is the perfect answer to your problems, you can set up your shot, save it to a preset and then move your camera arbitrarily to perfect your lighting, then hit the preset, and your back into your perfect shot setup
in the blink of an eye, saving time from having to reset your camera every time.

Viewfinder is a HUD that has been designed primarily for Second Life photographers.
It is great if you are a perfectionist that wants the perfect lighting for the scene, for which you have to move your camera to adjust the light sources, move in on the scene again to see whether the desired effect is attained.
It is great for builders who want to do shots of their products from the same angle, e.g. for jewelry creators or animators.

With Viewfinder you won't ever loose any of your perfect camera angles and it will be easy to position the camera exactly as for a previous picture.

Viewfinder has an easy-to-use interface that enables you to save the current camera setting, i.e. both the camera position and the look at direction, with a single click. Once a camera settings has been saved, it can be restored by clicking a button on the HUD and select the setting you want to restore or you can cycle through your saved settings.

Viewfinder also allows you to focus the camera on an avatar near you automatically by selecting the person's name from a menu.


Saving and Restoring the Camera Angles

In order to save a camera angle (meaning both the camera position and the direction you are pointing the camera), click the "Save camera angle" button on the HUD.
The camera angle will be saved under a name consisting of the coordinates of the camera position by default. You can change the name of the angle by typing
/18 <camera angle name>
in local chat immediately after you clicked the "Save camera angle" button. (You can change the name later, too)

To restore a saved camera angle, you can either click the "Restore camera angle" HUD button, which will display a menu from which you can select the angle you want to restore, or you can use the small buttons below it to cycle through all the camera angles that you saved so far.

Note that the camera angles are saved per-region, which means that the angles are only available in the same sim you saved them. When you enter another sim you will get a different set of camera angles.

Focusing the Camera

Usually you will use the camera controls that are provided in the Second Life viewer, either by using the command buttons or the mouse and your keyboard. Viewfinder additionally provides two other means to set the camera focus.

Viewfinder allows you to automatically focus an avatar that is near you by clicking the "Cam on avatar" button on the HUD and then choosing the person's name from the menu. Alternatively, you can also type the avatar's name in local chat like so:
/18 <full avatar name>
where <full avatar name> is the full name of the avatar you want to focus. Viewfinder will look up the avatar and focus the camera on it once it has been found.
This option is thought merely as a starting point for your work as a photographer, you will have to use the standard Second Life viewer camera control to adjust the camera control to obtain a unique composition. Furthermore, the camera position can also be set manually very precisely by typing the coordinates for the camera position and the camera angles in local chat.

Camera Angle Management

To manage your camera angles list, click the "Setup/Menu" HUD button, then choose the menu "Manage Angles". You will be given the following options:

* List angles will list all the angles you have set so far (across all the regions). Note that in addition to the name, the parcel, the region, and the region coordinates, also an SLURL will be displayed, which is clickable and allows you to teleport to the destination.
* Search will allow you to search for camera angles.
* Rename
* Delete
* List regions lists the regions in which camera angles have been set.
* Delete region removes all the camera angles from an entire region.


E-mail Carlyle Theas (carlyle.theas@yahoo.com) if you have any questions or suggestions.
Thank you for purchasing this product!

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  • Save and restore camera angles
  • Camera angles are saved with absolute coordinates
  • Restore exact views, no matter where you are on the sim

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Posted October 03, 2018 by Rah Rehula 5 stars

Customer Service ★★★★★
Product Ease of Use ★★★★★
I had a slight issue and the creator responded to my question in LESS THAN AN HOUR!
How is that for customer service.
Do not know how I've lived without this for so long ;-D

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Posted October 15, 2017 by Ayako Silverfall 5 stars

great product even till this day

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