(CTS) Wardrobe: Organize your outfits with style! A visual inventory organizer. Version 2.7

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The (CTS) Wardrobe is our new must-have: an easy-to-use Web-based organizer for your outfits.
No more taking hours to go through your inventory in search for the perfect outfit, no more waiting for outfit snapshot textures to rez, no paying fees to upload snapshots of your outfits!

Tag your outfits to find them again easily again just by selecting the tags of the outfit you are looking for. You can add as many tags as you want, and your outfit will be in multiple categories at once. You are no longer limited by SL's inventory structure. See all your gowns or all your black outfits or all your outfits with buckles (or whatever) with one click at one glance!

And once you have an outfit in your Wardrobe you can wear it with a single click on your Wardrobe webpage or the inworld rezzable closet!

A few highlights:

▪ Take snapshots of your outfits or import them directly from a Marketplace listing, tag them with as many tags as you like, and upload them to your Wardrobe. No upload fees. Ever.
▪ No need to put an outfit on to see what it looks like. Take a snapshot once (best just after you buy it) and you'll have it in your Wardrobe forever.
▪ Once you have an outfit in your Wardrobe, you can put it on with a single click! (This feature requires an RLV-capable viewer, e.g. Firestorm, Catznip, Singularity, or the Restrained Love Viewer.)
▪ SL textures load slowly. No need to wait for your texture snapshots of outfits them to rez anymore to see what an outfit looks like. Just open your Wardrobe, and voila!
▪ Tags allow you to put outfits in many categories. It has never been so easy to see all your classy gowns, your purple tops, your grungy pants, or whatever category you can think of, at once glance. Find your outfits by tags on the Wardrobe website. Simply click the tags that match your search criteria, and you will get a list of all outfits that have the tag you selected.
▪ We guarantee that the website stays available. No recurring payments to use the website.
▪ You have already taken snapshots of outfits? No problem! You can easily upload existing textures into your Wardrobe.
▪ You can use the Wardrobe HUD for posing to take snapshots, many poses are included. You may of course add as many of your own poses as you wish. No need to rez balls, the HUD works everywhere.
▪ If you prefer a pose stand, Wardrobe offers this too. The HUD allows you to rez new pose stands by simply clicking a button. And the pose stands are more than just pose stands. They are in fact mini photo studios with a backdrop configurable with your HUD -- for perfect snapshots of your outfits.
▪ Wardrobe comes with a beautiful mesh closet that you can rez inworld. It allows you to view your Wardrobe webpage and show it to friends. A variety of closet textures are available to choose from.

How it works:

▪ Take a snapshot of your outfit. Ideally, after buying a new skirt, a new shirt, a new pair of pants, a new pair of shoes, take a quick snapshot.
▪ Either click the HUD's snapshot button and enter the outfit name and tags, save the snapshot to disk and drag it onto your personal Wardrobe web page. Or use the handy super-fast, automagic Marketplace import by pasting a URL or scanning a rezzed box. Or send the snapshot via e-mail to the Wardrobe's email address with the outfit's name and tags in the e-mail message.
▪ Next time you will open the Wardrobe webpage by a simple click on your HUD, you will see the outfit filed under the tags you specified.
▪ To put on an outfit, simply click the corresponding icon on the webpage or the button in your inworld closet!
(Some prerequisites have to be met for this to work.)

Please note that the Wardrobe is an organizer that works together with your inventory, but was not designed to store inventory items.
If you are interested in storing items, have a look at our (CTS) Archive.

For more details, please visit the website

E-mail Carlyle Theas (carlyle.theas@yahoo.com) if you have any questions or suggestions.
For more information visit the Carlyle Theas Solutions website (http://www.carlyletheassolutions.com).
Lifetime updates are provided for free!

If delivery fails, please teleport to my shop, touch the redelivery station, and select the item you want redelivered.

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  • Take snapshots of your outfits, tag them and upload them into your Wardrobe
  • Find the outfit you are looking for in seconds on your Wardrobe webpage
  • Wear outfits directly from the website or the inworld closet with a single click
  • Comes with inworld rezzable closet that displays your Wardrobe items
  • No upload fees, no recurring fees

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It's amazing

Posted August 05, 2019 by SaskiaWood 5 stars

I must say, I am a really REALLY lazy writer... But in this case I make an exception. First what you get is a dresser, cubboard, wardrobe... (whatever you wanna say to it :) ). And an "expensive" one (yes, 699 L for just a wardrobe, which you only place in SL is "expensive"). But then:

You place this wardrobe (or not - no need to place it), add the HUD and you gets redirected to a website.

As IT-professional I MUST say, this is a well done work. And in this moment 699L for "just a wardrobe" became too cheap for what you get. A fully designed website, an overview for all your clothes, combinations and a lot of other stuff and possibilities.

And when you open your "too cheap" wardrobe so it's great. You just choose some tags, you prefer for this day (for example: autumn, skirt, pullover) and you get a choice of outfits or clothes, where these tags are set.
This is really amazing. My servant can dress me, when I tell her, what I want to wear. Phantastic!

Let me give you all some tips (because I had to correct some items afterwards):
Think first about your possible tags. Start with the materials:
cloth, leather, pvc, latex, velvet...

go on with the seasons (if needed):
spring, winter, summer, autumn, helloween, x-mas, valentine's day etc...

use colours and patterns as separate tags:
red, blue, ..., with flowers, with stars... etc

add lengths:
long, short, mini, short arm, long arm, ...

and then the parts of clothes
blouse, skirt, pants, jacket, etc.

more categories are possible. If you use your own catalogue for describing the clothes.

So you can choose later that you like to wear something for <autumn>,<skirt>,<red>,<blouse>,<jacket>
and you will get as answer the kombination you have created for a nice autumn walk.

A catalogue of tags might be a really really good idea as example. I am sure, the database is already FULL of good examples... :)

All in all a REALLY good work, and worth worth the 699L!

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Does what it says - could use some better in world functionality.

Posted July 21, 2019 by Xavier Novelli 3 stars

The product does exactly what it says. I would love to see an update so that item's "wear" links could be added to objects inworld via http-in. This would be useful for many many things including demos for clothing creators as well as interactivity with low-poly inworld mesh representations of clothing for wardrobe users. This would also cut out the wait time for media to load.
Also would recommend an auto detach of an old outfit upon clicking to add a new one - that only makes sense, especially if the wardrobe already knows what outfit you clicked last.
Setup is fairly easy contrary to the reviews left here. Though it should be noted that the notecard should mention the need for the RLV folder in the BEGINNING of the the instructions, instead having to watch 20 minutes of useless video or refer to a more extensive manual to figure that out. It's obviously the most important part for the product to function at all, but for same reason was left almost a slight "btw".
The product is expansive enough in features and no, you don't have to wait for textures to rez, but you do have to wait for media to load if you use the closet object, and sometimes it takes a few times of refreshing media to get the page to come up properly. For this reason, the time saving factor of this product compared to inventory folders is questionable.
Good overall concept, packed with options - execution of usage could use some enhancements.

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