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**Ripped Winklers wonderfull new shoulder pet**

Adorably cute and feindishly mischievious.An easy to use hud control.makes it come alive with over 56 insitefull frames of animations.Have it throw monkey nuggets at people for gags,rez a bunch of aditonal running follow monkeys(number dependent on simhealth), entice the uninitated to click your pet and watch as it violates their space in a most amusing way .This pet is a must have for any avatars colection so dont be late get yours today.

Ripped Winklers
*****Capuchin monkey pet*****
This is the first in my line of shoulder pets.
The contents of the delivery package include.
:three sizes of capuchin monkey pet small , medium ,regular
:one monkey hud (controls extended functions its position can be adjusted buy right clicking and choosing editor you can chose another hud position that suites you).

Once unpacked just wear a monkey and the hud.
the monkey automatically cycles through the standard animations on rez.
using the 6 hud buttons allows the selection of certain other animations and functions.
the functions are as follows numbering right to left"
button 1: toss (tosses poo when clicked)
button 2: rez (rezzes cute little ground running follow monkeys)
button 3: derez (derezzes cute litle ground running follow monkeys)
button 4: dance (executes monkey dance animation sequence)
button 5: sleep (executes sleep animation)
button 6: normal (reverts to default animation sequence)

the capuchin also activates different animations on flight and when avatar is walking.
the last feature is triggered when you or another avatar click the monkey pet
what it dose i leave for you too discover :P
Additionally the pet displays hover text.
you can change the color,text and its of /on state in chat channel 12
// Commands to use:
/12 text on
/12 text off
/12 color red
/12 color green
/12 color blue
/12 color white
/12 chat any other text on channel to set that as a hover-text.
You can name you pet via this function if you decide.
Too check for udates just rez package it came in

Have fun and enjoy your new pet.
ps: sits quite nicely on the back spine of quadrapeds too.
Ridem lil monkey! :)

Special thanks to Mandy Medusa for her scripting prowess
and Todd borst for his fabulus puppeter system.

customer quote
"OMG he is adorable
sooooo much more realistic than the animals they have for pets. He does not look phoney. His movements are fluid and I LOVE the hud. That makes it so easy and the hud is perfect placed easy to edit its location and use. KUDOS hugs excellent. I know soon as my friends see it they will want one. Putting up a LM giver in my Blues Barn.

HUGS Astryl"

Now this little fellah has a mesh avatar counterpart.
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just LOL

Posted February 18, 2016 by StanIy 2 stars

Such products like this has no place on market with that big price. Totally regret for wasted L$. When was the last update? In 2008? Anyway now is 2016 and this item cant be on sell for more than 200L.
What you get with that monkey for 800L:
1. Terribly ugly HUD with 6 function that are awfully made.
2. Each time you unwear the monkey the name of it resets and u have to set it again.
3. Robotic animation of the monkey. It moves slow and like mechanical. Also lack of anims.
4. Seems like updating support is dead.
5. The only good thing among that "****" is the MONKEY. Yes, its well done. No complains.
So in conclusion i want to say that not worthy of its price and im extremely disappointed.
PS: That secret function when someone click the monkey is incredible something foolish. NO FUN WITH THAT MONKEY.

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Amazing shoulder pet

Posted June 15, 2014 by Hillegonda Huntress 5 stars

Wonderfully made, very funny and a great gift! Thank you for making this, looking out for more of you!

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