CasperLet Elite Networked Rental System Version 1.22r9

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Welcome to CasperLet!

The goal of this system is to provide you with a feature rich, stable, good looking rental network with very low resource usage.

You'll be able to use this system to rent our stores, streams, anything you like! It's so fast and SO EASY you'll be up and running in no time.

With only 1 SCRIPT per box (versus 21 with HippoRENT), by switching to CasperLet you're bound to get a much less laggy sim!

Of course, you get the same committed support my customers shout about.

Here's a partial list of current features:

- A cool meter-style rent box, which looks pretty funky! It is designed to be rezzed on the floor, and has a popup prim for notices. It's designed mainly for land or store rentals.

- NEW - A mesh version of the above meter, with updated graphics, and funky new capabilities - only 1 PRIM equiv!

- An old-fashioned 1-prim cube rental unit, which is maybe more suited for applications like stream rental (or areas where prim efficiency is very important)

- Only a single script. Of course.

- You can set "states" which will change the position, size and alpha transparency of the unit when rented and when not rented.

- Remaining rental time calculated accurately to the nearest second.

- Can accept payments of ANY amount. For example, if the cost is L$200 per week, they can pay L$100 and they get half a week instead.

- You can also configure the unit to ONLY accept amounts that cover 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks.

- Full web management, including some nice maps showing you where each unit is on the sim.

- Flashy new website

- You can disable reminder notifications, and so can the tenant for the duration of their rental by touching the unit.

- You can reserve a unit for somebody, so it will only allow them to rent

- The unit can be configured to auto-evict when the rental goes overdue.. this can be turned off, or configured to a set amount of time

- The unit can be locked to prevent any rentals

- You can give refunds pro-rata, so the remaining time is calculated and refunded

- You can evict, refund, rent out, reserve, set pricing, set the prim count, set the remaining time or lock the unit all from the web interface

- You can evict, refund or lock the unit from in-world by touching it

- The tenant can touch the unit to see their remaining time

- Anyone can touch the unit to see info on the pricing, etc

- The units may be linked/unlinked as you wish, and the prims retextured - fully modifiable

- The units provide full prim counts and will display a warning when the tenant is over limit

- Units for multiple avatars accross multiple grids can be added to the same account. Everything in one place.

- A detailed list of rental units grouped by either status, region or tenant

- You can set both a minimum and a maximum rental term.

- "Soft lock" - this allows you to prevent the unit from receiving any more payments, but keeps the unit rented.

- Transaction log - A detailed list of the transactions including money received

- An API to allow people to create third party plugins (signs, doors)

- A notecard (or multiple notecards) can be delivered when a user touches the "Info" button

- NEW - Networked / remote notecard delivery via the included CasperTech DropBox

- A notecard (or multiple notecards) can also be delivered when the user rents from the unit, or clicks the "Notecard" button whilst the unit is rented

- Free updates, forever, using our unique UpgradeBee system that will seamlessly update all the units on each sim you own with no effort to yourself.

- NEW - US Dollar payments, dynamically converted to the grid currency depending on the exchange rate

- NEW - Custom pay periods - Set up the pay dialog buttons to show prices for certain periods of time - default 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks

- NEW - Bulk configuration, you can configure many units in one go

- NEW - SmartBots integration - automatically invite people to an inworld group when they rent from you

- NEW - Includes full perm "Door" and "Sign" scripts to demonstrate plugin functionality

- NEW - Includes a "map table" at no extra cost, allowing you to display an interactive map of all units on your sim!

- NEW - Now has support for the CasperTech Transporter - a payable teleporter pad

- NEW - Manager support! Let others manage your rentals

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  • Only one script. Super fast, no lag.
  • Three meter designs including low impact MESH
  • Full web management, map displays
  • VERY secure, VERY reliable
  • Fully customisable

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Rental System Good Until SL Account Name Change and Customer Support Not Concerned

Posted July 17, 2021 by Freedom Heartsong 2 stars

I purchased this product back in 2012 and felt it was a great product, until I needed customer support. I am one of the many that decided to change my SL Account Name back in April of 2020. I upgraded to use the system recently after not having any rentals in SL for years. I rezzed the dropbox first which was not previously used in the earlier versions and went to the menu admin to pull up the web page where it prompted me to put in a password to create a new account because I had never used “dropbox” before. Then when I dropped the rental box and went to config and it took me to the login I previously used for the rental system under my old SL Account Name. My rental system shows my old SL Account name that ends in resident and they even quoted that off to me, like I didn’t already know this. They told me “No data is stored by SL account name - it is stored by UUID - that does not change.” and “It can take some time for *name* changes to catch up. It does not affect the functionality.” Well, yes it does and ok that’s fine but the name was changed over a year ago and your system still hasn’t recognized it??? The fact that it is seeing two different avatars even though they claim the system goes off of the UUID which is still the same is irrelevant. Before they replied, I purchased Casperlet a second time to see if it would let me create a new account under my new name and nope, it didn't. I let them know that and they kept the lindens for the second purchase. Their customer support has no concern and I got nothing but the blow off in my opinion for answers with no resolution. So, I am now forced to look at a rental system showing owned by a name I long since left behind. In 10 years, I only needed customer support one time, shame on you for not caring about your customers. A name change may not mean anything to you, but it is to the person that paid to change it. Makes me not want to use their products anymore.

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If you will have a lot of units, USE NOTHING ELSE! Full featured!

Posted March 22, 2021 by Kavarek 5 stars

I have tried many rental cubes and systems, and wasted linden on them.
Point blank if you want to easily and professionally maintain rentals, this is the ONLY one to use.

Rez a sign Rename it Like Dale 1 dale 2 Elven 1 elven 2. Add same at end of description

You control via the web. You can set consolidating prims, meaning if not on parcels, and someone rents 2 units it combines the prim allowance sim wide for both AUTOMATICALLY!

you can change pricing, prim allowance on the fly.

Set additional allowance outside reg prim allowance.

Reserve for people,

BULK ACTIONS! Need to change allowance, features auto evict time (with smartbots) or anything else. You can select many at once for each apge and update them ALL AT ONCE!

It will make your life so much easier. Combined with smartbots for automation with group invite bot at 79l/week

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  • 4.77 stars Reviews (88)

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