CasperSafe Security Orb and Visitor Tracking System Version 1.32

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We are very proud and excited to finally be able to announce the availability of CasperSafe.

CasperSafe is a high-tech security and visitor tracking system. It's been in development for two years - we've spent a lot of time making it perfect.


- This is a standalone product. No other purchase required.
- Add and monitor multiple areas on the same region.
- Only four scripts
- Region-wide operation
- COPY - rez as many as you need.
- Add other admins who can configure the orb and use the control panel
- Add subadmins who can configure the orb and use the control panel
- Discreet mode - powers down the orb's timers to give a lower lag experience
- Limit detection to current parcel [on/off]
- Choose who gets notifications and who doesn't
- Multilingual support on the website - English, Norsk, Deutsch, Nederlands, Francais, Italiano


- Can link to your rental unit so your tenants can use the orb (CasperLet Required)
- Works offline - the security features do not depend on any external servers
- Adjustable warning time, minimum 10 seconds (lockdown mode) or 20 seconds (normal mode)
- Option of a blacklist or a whitelist
- Eject avatar (on/off)
- Teleport home (on/off)
- Add to parcel ban list (on/off)
- Avatar age minimum
- Avatar script limit
- Avatar render weight limit
- Allow all group members [on/off]
- No-fly zone [on/off]


- See who is currently visiting
- See previous visitors
- Website updates live
- Shows which visitors purchased something from you (CasperVend required)
- Shows which visitors are previous customers of yours (CasperVend required)
- Shows which of your visitors have visited before
- Shows which visitors were warned, which were banned


When visitor tracking is enabled, information on your visitors is sent to the CasperTech servers, so that we can display this information for you.

If visitor tracking is disabled, the only information saved to the servers are the options you set on the device (for backup purposes).




  • Low lag and easy to use
  • Restrict avatar age, script usage, render weight
  • Comprehensive visitor tracking
  • Integrates with CasperVend - see who bought stuff!
  • Integrates with CasperLet - security for your tenants

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full star empty star empty star empty star empty star Posted October 17, 2022 by ZooeyWellhung

20 seconds is a long time and plenty of time for stalkers to rez your shit etc. Wondering why the menu offers a minimum 10 second warning yet functionally gives trespassers 20 seconds? Why is there no option for an instantaneous ejection, I didn't realize Big Brother was so incompetent, I'd like my 1984 back.

Lockdown mode is nice but you have to re-enable it every time you come home.

Visitor tracking? nice, too bad it doesnt seem to inform you unless you're actually in the region. Some people might like to know who is snooping around their home while they are away from home.

Another issue is that when unwanted guests visit and you get the menu to add them as Guest or Ban, if they leave before you select a button, like to Ban, it wont add them to the Ban list! presumably because they've left so the orb thinks its not an issue anymore, brilliant. I been banning and banning and wondering how the same stalkers keep showing up

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Works great!
full star full star full star full star full star Posted March 16, 2022 by Fawns

I use these caspersafe security orbs to monitor traffic, it's great! 10/10, would buy again.

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