CasperVend² - FREE Networked vending system! Fast, reliable, networked delivery, full transaction tracking! Version 2.12r14

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This is CasperVend - A new, optimised, complete networked vendor system.

THIS IS THE FREE VERSION - IT CHARGES 5% COMMISSION PER SALE. Don't like commission? Try the Premium version, which charges NO commission when the vendors are owned by you, and a reduced 2% commission for affiliates! (See related items).


With this product, you get a DropBox, in which you put your items for sale, textures and notecards, and vendors - which you can rez around the grid anywhere you like. When a customer buys an item, it will be delivered from your DropBox - meaning you can manage every vendor on the grid from just one location!

Stop lagging up your sims with our competitor's products! Every CasperVend vendor and server functions with only one script creating virtually no lag to improve the shopping experience for your customers - people don't shop in laggy stores! For comparison, Hippo use up to 11 scripts in their vendors and 20 in their server!

Come see our vendors in action at our store in Second Life

Quick feature list:

* NINE styles of vendor included ranging from just 1 prim to a beautiful 9 prim vendor, so there's an option to suit all tastes

* Web-Enabled - Create and manage your products and vendors using our snappy online presence. Control and monitor your sales without needing to be logged in to SL!

* Ultra-robust network - Your sales network will be unaffected by sim crashes, restarts, or other events

* No notecards - All the vendor configuration is done through our website, no fumbling with notecards!

* Backup DropBoxes - Put a DropBox on multiple sims for redundancy - never lose a sale because of a sim crash!

* Profiles - Update many vendors at once with vendor profiles - managing your sales network is simple with CasperVend!

* Redundant communication - We use backup, clustered servers and multiple communication routes to ensure that sales get through no matter what!

* "Buy as gift" function - People can quickly and easily buy gifts for their friends even if their friend is brand new to SL

* "Smart" text This optional feature provides a clear text indicator above the vendor - but only when the vendor is in use. No more floating text pollution!

* Auto rotate - Optionally, automatically rotate to the next product every minute

* Texture preloading - Enable rapid browsing to improve the shopping experience for your visitors!

* One-script design - Only one script per vendor means your store remains snappy and responsive

* Full statistics - Sales log and graphical statistics helps you keep track of your performance

* XStreet integration - Link XStreet products to CasperVend to include your XStreet sales in the sales statistics

* Smart scripting - All of our scripts have been created with the utmost stringency on optimisation and efficient coding, further reducing the lag hit on your store

* Free, lifetime updates - Updates will be automatically delivered to you as they become available!

* Affiliate vendors - Allow others to sell your products in a completely safe way, (optionally) giving them a percentage of your sales! Now included in both the free and premium systems.

* Group Discounts - Optionally set your vendor to give a configurable discount to anyone in the same group as the vendor.

* Gift Cards - (Plugin purchase required) Give gift cards with a configurable balance for use in your store to anyone

* Sounds - Optionally play a configurable sound when the user views a product. Perfect for gesture sellers

* Auto Rename - Optionally make the vendor change its name to the currently viewed product to make your Second Life transaction history clearer

* Change the description of your vendors from the website to help you optimise your performance in the Second Life Search

* Vendors are now searchable, allowing your customers to easily find what they're looking for

* Website redeliver - easily re-deliver items from the website without logging in to second life

* Easy Update - Future versions will include an "update beacon" so you can quickly and easily update your vendors without reconfiguring them

* Profit sharing - Send a percentage of each sale (either on a particular product or a particular vendor) to a colleague, friend, associate or charity!

* JEVN Importer - Are you a current JEVN user? There's a script bundled with CasperVend which will quickly and easily import your current setup from your JEVN notecards.

* NEW - CasperVend now integrates directly with SmartBots! Send real group invites when people make a purchase!

Please note: All customers who purchase items from us will be added to a product update and notification mailing list, which will arrive as IM's inworld. If you do not wish to receive these update, please simply click the included opt-out link.

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  • Web-Enabled - Create and manage your products and vendors easily on our website!
  • Low lag, One-script design - Only 1 script per vendor reduces lag in your store
  • Texture preloading - enables rapid browsing to improve the shopping experience
  • SL Marketplace integration - Link SLM products to CasperVend Stats
  • Free, lifetime updates (Of course!)

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I advise!
full star full star full star full star full star Posted July 27, 2021 by Arin Bellios

When you look at the product settings page for the first time, it can confuse you with a large number of items. But in fact, it turned out to be enough to indicate only three points at the beginning:
1. choose a product,
2. attach a picture,
3. and enter the price.
And that's it, your product is ready for sale.

The commission may confuse someone at the first moment, too, but remember that the marketplace charges twice as much, 10% against Casper's 5%.

Well, the last note, if someone faces the same problem as me. After putting the Casper script in your vendor, do not forget to click the Admin button in the menu and select a specific product, otherwise the vendor will assign a random product from your list.

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Nice done
full star full star full star full star full star Posted June 20, 2021 by Nathanix Slade

How to upgrade?

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Land Required

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

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  • Permissions:
    Copy Modify Transfer User Licensed
  • Automatic redelivery
  • Land Impact: 1
  • Mesh: Partial Mesh