Castle Cottage BeauRoche CopyModify Medieval Castle House with basement and 2 floors placed in a rocky scenery

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Castle Cottage BeauRoche

The original DAE files with all textures are available on our website.

Inspiration drawn from a unique and foreboding late medieval cottage tucked away in rural France. Elements of cottage and castle mixed together to create a highly atmospheric house built on and into a small rocky rise.

Layout has been carefully thought out to provide maximum room on the first and second floor as well as the dark basement. Both the mesh and the textures are highly detailed and the exterior texture features put-log holes to help convey the buildings age.

The balcony can be used as an entrance as the railing leading out from the house can be swapped out for a gate. Below is an arch way in the courtyard / garden.

All of the doors, gates and windows are scripted to open/close with original new sounds.

Technical information:

- high LOD version landimpact 95 (rezzed in the M&M store)
- low LOD version landimpact 56
- footprint 31x28.5 meter
- template for the nameplate included (FP)
- shademaps (FP) included
- all doors, windows and gates are scripted with original sounds
- the fountain is scripted with running water which can be switched on or off
- button to swap railing or gate on the balcony / bridge
- the big standing stone is a separate mesh
- the 5 small standing stones are 1 separate mesh

Box contains:

- copy modify high lod build
- copy modify low lod build
- box with provided templates and shademaps
- basic info, landmark etc.

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  • copy modify mesh prims
  • shademaps included
  • landimpact 96 for long range and 56 for skybox

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  • Land Impact: 96
  • Mesh: 100% Mesh