Centrifugator 2000

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*** CENTRIFUGATOR 2000 *** Submersible Washing Machine

The Centrifugator 2000 is a reconverted submarine from an original washing machine, the perfect tool for those that cannot explore the oceans of Second Life because they got always too much housework to do.

* Pictures taken with Bristol and CalWL windlight settings.

*** 1. General Characteristics.

Max Speed: 5 knots (2 knots reverse).
Crew: 1.

*** 2. Ship Commands.

- W or ↑: Increase speed (1 knot).
- S or ↓: Decrease speed (1 knot).
- A or ←: Turn left.
- D or →: Turn right.
- E: Emerge to surface.
- C: Dive.

*** 3. HUD Characteristics.

The Depth Gauge HUD displays current depth, distance to sea bottom and speed.

- Depth and distance to sea bottom are shown from the keel (if can be considered that a washing machine has any keel).
- Speed is indicated in knots.

- Press on HUD bubble to turn on/off underwater ambience sound (disabled by default).

Please notice that if you want to use the Full Perm Depth Gauge HUD with your own creation, you may need to modify the script adjusting it to your ship specifications.

*** 4. Avatar adjustment.

The Centrifugator 2000 has modifying rights, making possible to resize it to make it fit with any avatar size.

To adjust the avatar's position, please say the following commands in open chat:

++ Moves the avatar up 0.01 m.
-- Moves the avatar down 0.01 m.
+ Moves the avatar forward 0.01 m.
- Moves the avatar backwards 0.01 m.

*** 5. General Recommendations.

- It is recommended to disable your AO to properly sit your avatar on the subm.... well... on this thing.

*** 6. Product Characteristics.

- Model:

Copy: YES
Modify: YES
Transfer: NO

- Scripts:

Copy: YES
Modify: YES*
Transfer: YES*
(Full Perm Open Source)

* with the exception of the adjust sit script that is no modify / no transfer due to license requirement.

- HUD:

Copy: YES
Modify: YES
Transfer: YES
(Full Perm Open Source)

- Material: 100% Mesh (except the physical prim).
- Land impact: 8 (may become bigger if resized).



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Heinrich Mohr
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  • Permissions:
    Copy Modify Transfer User Licensed
  • Automatic redelivery
  • Land Impact: 8
  • Mesh: 100% Mesh