Chat Alert HUD Version 1.2

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In busy sims, events, etc. there is often a lot of local chat. It may be difficult to notice if someone is talking to you or mentioning something you are interested in. The Chat Alert HUD monitors the local public chat and looks for any of the key words or phrases (triggers) you set using the "New Triggers" button on the HUD's popup menu. Triggers can be your name or anything you are interested in. If one of these triggers is seen in public chat, the HUD plays a sound, flashes the HUD briefly, and shows who said it in floating text. Note that it only looks for a trigger in the chat text and not in the avatar's name.

You can also show all recent chat history that includes any of the triggers by selecting "Show Recent" from the HUD's popup menu. If you set an avatar's name (user name, not display name) as a trigger, "Show Recent" will include all recent chat from that avatar. This allows you to see everything recently said by a specific avatar without having to scroll and search back through the chat. The recent chat will be shown in a different color than regular chat, depending on how you have your chat colors set in your viewer's preferences.

NOTE: Chat originated by the HUD's owner is ignored.
NOTE: Triggers are NOT case sensitive.
NOTE: Triggers will match whole or partial words/phrases/names.

Use the "Reset" button to clear both the recent chat history as well as the triggers.

If you don't want the sound, delete the sound from the HUD's Contents. Or replace it with any sound you want instead.

You can wear the Chat Alert HUD as a HUD or rez it on the floor. Wearing as a HUD is recommended so that it is always at the same location as your avatar.

Permissions: mod (except scripts are no-mod), copy, no-transfer

Land Impact: 1

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  • Monitor local public chat for key words/phrases (triggers)
  • Alert owner with sound, flashing HUD & floating text
  • Can list all recent chat containing triggers or from specified avatar
  • Can be worn as HUD or rezzed.
  • Very helpful in crowded events and venues

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