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Cherry Baby prim babies Ultimate V4

History of the Cherry Babies

I created the original version when I was having kids in my RP life and went to look for Prim baby options. I found heavily scripted RP prim babies with all kinds of features and an inflated price tag to match the high land impact. I found generic prim babies that were cheap but hard to customize and were always newborns only. I wanted something simple, low land impact and affordable. When I couldn’t find what I wanted I broke down and made one. The cherry babies were born. I had always planned to upgrade and expand the baby products. I was planning on animating them but that didn't happen, sorry. I did include lots of great changes however so I hope you all enjoy them.

Why buy these babies and not some other brand? Does your avatar based toddler go offline and you still want to cuddle them? Do you have almost no prims left but want to have a prim baby to RP with? That’s where these cuties are perfect. They can be made male or female. They are simple low land impact and customizable. Below are the changes from the upgrades from the original version.

Skin Changes:
The original babies had a non-standard skin map that made using a unique skin on your baby more complicated. The ultimate babies now use SL standard skin templates. There are 5 skin color options available via the HUD but you can also develop your own unique skin tone and even save it to the HUD.

Pose Changes:
The original came with only 4 poses available. The Ultimate babies come with 8 static poses. There are higher land impacts to the Ultimate babies compared to the originals due to the new clothing options. To combat that for those with a need for low LI I included non-scripted models as well.
The new poses are:
Standing (14 LI scripted / 7 LI unscripted)
Sitting - standard chair pose (14 LI scripted / 7 LI unscripted)
Sleeping w/closed eyes (9 LI scripted / 5 LI unscripted)
Sitting cross legged on the floor (14 LI scripted / 7 LI unscripted)
Sitting on the floor legs out strait (14 LI scripted / 7 LI unscripted)
Car seat - semi-reclined pose (14 LI scripted / 7 LI unscripted)
Newborn – Held with parent pose (11 LI scripted)
Toddler – Held with parent pose (14 LI Scripted)

Clothing changes:
Original babies came with generic pants and top only. The new clothing can be turned on and off individually via the HUD in the scripted babies. It comes with only a single standard clothing texture option for each item however the AO’s for each are included and there is a customizable HUD option. Make your baby unique by developing your own clothing textures. If you are good with editing you can reduce LI buy unlinking and deleting unused parts from the unscripted babies. (Removing the dress mesh for male babies for instance.)
The Ultimate clothing options includes:
A more stylish shirt and pants option
A dress option
Socks and shoes

Hair/Eye changes:
The Ultimate babies have two hair options, one male one female. You can turn each on or off via the HUD as well as change the hair color. The girls hair sports a cute headband and bow that can manually be tinted in edit mode. The HUD also has a custom hair color option.
The eyes have the same color options as the original changed by the HUD. The Ultimate I have asses the ability to add custom texture for the eyes as well.

Sound HUDS:
I wanted to provide sound options for the babies but I also didn’t want to increase the land impact of the babies to do it. My solutions was to create two random sound HUDs. Included is a baby version that when added and clicked plays a random baby sound and a toddler version that plays random toddler sounds. Want more sounds than what I gave you? Drop them into the HUDs and there you go. These HUDs will hopefully help with your RP with the babies without breaking the land impact bank.



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