Comrido Bravo Unit - Radio System Version 3.5

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Comrido Bravo Unit
Created by Braclo Eber
Store: Braclo Novo
Please see the PDF version of this manual for detailed explanation, including pictures.

Comrido is a radio system that is perfect for region wide communication, whatever the purpose. May it be for role-playing like police departments or just keeping everyone in contact easily, this system is for you. Easy to setup, easier to use and rich with features.

The Comrido Bravo Unit can be used for a main area of communications. In role-playing sense, this unit can function like a dispatch unit to communicate with everyone with a Comrido Radio on the region easily. This unit is compatible with communication with Alpha units and Delta Radios.

Version 3 .5 added more features and made some changes.
-Unit and Radio names has been changed.
-RGU Unit = Alpha Unit
-U Unit = Bravo Unit
-R Unit = Delta Unit
-RGR Unit = Echo Unit
-Channel Names on the HUD has been changed to Frequency Names.
-Base Coms. Has been completely changed. It now allows walkie talkies from different units to communicate each other if both units have a similar frequency and the unit is setup correctly.
-PTT now mutes local chat on top of it's original features, and also sends messages only to the last person that used the PTT feature while they are within talking distance.
-Shoulder Delta Radio included. Mod/Copy

Region Wide Communications
Up to 10 Custom frequencies.
Unit name.
On/Off Buttons
Frequency Display
Free Comrido R Radio.
Free updates.

Comrido U
/15 is used to chat to the radio, which in return will send messages to all radios on that frequency.
E.G. /15 Hello World!
Note: Only the owner and the users they give access too can do this, and also only when PTT is off.

PTT: Enabling this in setup (see below) disables the use of /15 and instead the user will need to click the front panel of the radio and enter their message in the window pop-up. All incoming messages to the unit will then only be send to the last user that used PTT.

Base Coms: Enabling this in setup (see below) allows radios (walkie-talkies) from different units on the same frequency to be able to communicate with each other. For example, if you have a police frequency on two units, and you setup both to receive and send messages that goes into the unit, both unit's walkie-talkies will be able to communicate with each other, even if they are from different units.

Dial: The dial on the front can be used to change the frequencies. Clicking on the right side will go the next frequency, while clicking on the left side will go to the previous frequency.

Menu: Clicking the unit and then Frequency will give you a selection of all the frequencies available.

All: Selecting the frequency “All” will allow communication to and from all frequencies of the unit.
This frequency is only available through the menu.

Access – Enable group, public or names that you would like to have access to the radio. People that do have access to the unit have the ability to use it to communicate to other people (including PTT) and change frequencies.

Sync Perm – Synchronized Permissions is the permission that controls who can synchronize their radios with your unit and talk/listen on the same frequencies.

Note on group permissions: Make sure to set the group of the object when you want to enable group permissions. To this, right click the object - edit, and on the general tab select the group. No need to deed it to share or deed the object.

Please see the PDF version here for the details and pictures on how to setup this unit.

-Brilliant Scientist for his awesome resize script:
(This script has been replaced by a LSL funtion)
-The Pridelands Region and Kurosaki Larkham for suggestions and testing:
-Ileana Rampal for the feedback and suggestions that made version 3.5.

Version History:
3.5 – 8 December 2014
Unit & Radio names changed.
Channel title changed to Frequency
Base Coms. changed completely.
PTT option improved.
Unit texture fixed.

3.1 – 13 July 2014
Texture fix in Setup HUD
Manual link added to help button.
Base skin texture now changes correctly.

3.0 – 1 April 2014
Partial Mesh Build
Comrido U Menu system converted into HUD system.
Relay System Setup
Code Optimization

2.0 – 10 October 2012
New Design (Shape, Textures, On/Off Button, Channel Tuner and Display)
Custom Image
Skins (Different Textures)
Improved Menu and Code

1.0 – 21 September 2011

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  • Region Wide Communications
  • Customizable channels (up to 10).
  • Can listen to single or all channels
  • Access Options
  • & more! See description!

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