D1&MTG PP-19-01 Vityaz , BNWCS, CCS enhanced damage ++++ VICE Version 1.2

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This Replica of the PP-19-01 Vityaz was brought to you by Delta One & Modern Tactical Gear Inc. Built with a detailed smooth model; it holds a dynamic initiative for a full action packed experience in Second Life.

(Real Life Description) http://world.guns.ru/ -
The PP-19-01 "Vityaz" is a recent development of the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant (IZHMASH); this weapon evolved from relatively unsuccessful PP-19 "Bizon" submachine gunon request from elite Russian law enforcement team "Vytyaz" (SWAT-type formation). Like its predecessor, PP-19-01 is based on the AKS-74U compact assault rifle, with simple blowback action, although "Vityaz" (Knightin Russian) uses more conventional box magazines and fires more powerful 9x19 ammunition which is now standard in Russia. As of mid-2007, PP-19-01 is in limited production in Izhevsk and is already in use by some specialized SWAT-type OMON teams of Russian police and other law enforcement agencies. The PP-19-01 "Vityaz" can firemost commercially-available 9x19 Luger/Parabellum or 9mm NATOammunition, as well as Russian issue 7N21 armor piercing ammunition.

(bibliography http://world.guns.ru/smg/rus/pp-19-01-vityaz-e.html)

::Weapon Features & Accessories::

•Generation II scripts!
•Adjustable Drop down Display HUD, With Commands.
•Three add ons (dotsight, silencer and dual magazine)
•Multiple animation options (Walks, Stances, and Runs)
•Five optional ammunitions (LLCS, BNWCS, CCS, VICE and RP).
•12 different skin variants
•Kneeling Capabilities
•Weapon Effects (Bolt blow-back, Recoil, Particles, and Magazine Drop)
•Slung version

To Receive your Vityaz in Second Life. Rezz the box provided.

Folder D1-MTG PP-19-01 Vityaz will be displayed!

::Vityaz Operation & Commands::

Input on your user channel - default 0, or service channel - 90005.

draw - slings the weapon

sling - slings the weapon

llcs - standard Linden Damage bullets (100% damage)
vice - VICE enhanced bullets (SCG class damage, use with provided VICE meter)
rp - roleplay bullets, supports all the combat systems which support collision based damage
ccs - CCS full metal jacket ammo, deals 10 MELE and 3 STAMINA
bnwcs - BNWCS enhanced bullet, adds additional 10HP damage (depending on sim settings)

Use the HUD for toggling the animations, not the commands.
kneel - toggles kneeling animation mode

Fire modes:
semi - semi-automatic fire mode
auto - automatic fire mode

reset - resets the weapon
ch:x - sets the weapon user channel to desired channel (x is 0-100)
vel:x - sets velocity to desired one (x is 0-200)
autoreload - toggles the auto reloading feature
spread - toggles the spread
ao - toggles the full AO
verticalaim - toggles the vertical aim feature
strafe - toggles the straffing feature
effects - toggles all weapon effects
slide - toggles weapon slide movement
recoil - toggles weapon recoil animation
particleeffects - toggles particle effects
magazinedrop - toggles magazine dropping

reload - reloads the weapon
melee - performs melee attack (not applicable with CCS)

silencer - attaches silencer to the weapon
dotsight - attaches dotsight to the weapon
dualmagazine - attaches dual magazines!
skin:skin name - changes skin (variants: black clean, black worn, olive clean, olive worn, woodland, woodland spray, tiger, red, winter, desert, desert spray)

The commands that change the weapon appearance and so (skin, attachments..), only work when the weapon is drawn.

The HUD helps you with easier control of the weapon. HUD is re sizable.
For setting velocity or HUD size, the sliding bars should deploy, in case you can't see the red sliders, please make sure you have either Automatic Alpha Masks or Fast Alpha enabled in your Second Life Viewer, under advanced options, rendering tab (it is common Second Life bug).

How to use VICE?
Attach the meter, pistol and set the weapon to the VICE mode, or vice-versa. You can use just this one meter for toggling between the pistols, Beneli and SRAW rocket launcher.

::Update History::

- Initial release


Building & Texturing: Radek Kawanishi, Ralin Redgrave
Animations: Kamil Noel, Shakeno Tomsen
Sounds: Kamil Noel
Scripts: Honza Noyes
Notecard: Kamil Noel, Honza Noyes, Wes Chau
Support: Honza Noyes, Zema Zhora

Special thanks to: Tonk Tomcat, Mokymock Beck and Leon Makarov.

See item in Second Life ®



  • Simple to use HUD (covers most of functions)
  • Fully animated strafes, backwalks, vertical aim
  • Choice of 12 unique skins by Ralin Redgrave!
  • VICE, CCS, BNWCS enhanced damage!
  • Reliable, low lag performance, scripted by Honza Noyes

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Good performance, high scripts, then it updated.

Posted September 25, 2016 by Arbre Trebuchet 3 stars

I liked the look and price point of this submachine gun. The scripting was bloated, but not impossible to deal with. The operations and appearance of the weapon were very nice. However, after the update to v.1.2.10 the weapon's firing lagged incredibly. After multiple resets and removal and reattachments, the weapon still fires slowly and semiautomatic only, when it DOES fire. I would have given the original four stars. But since it is a non-working upgrade, I will use the older one and give it three.

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Among the best of the best out there.

Posted March 07, 2015 by JamesComan 5 stars

1. Superb detail with multiple textures.
2. Easy to use hud.
3. Smooth and nice looking animations.
4. Strafing fire and vertical fire features are the best features of this gun (which is also missing in tons of other guns out there.)

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