[DDD] Rustic Cabin Retreat Skybox & Dome

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Thank you so much for the interest in our products, we so greatly appreciate all of our customers who allow us to keep doing what we do!

This is the help notecard for the Rustic Cabin Retreat and the accompanying environment dome provided.

Please read thoroughly before contacting the store group or Anke Hatchuk for help.

* This product is packaged in a rezzing system! *

To rez, please place the object onto the ground or platform you wish to rez it.

We suggest moving it up a few meters and adjusting so you wish the skybox to be within the glowing ring, and for the user to fly/stand near the rez box then click it & choose "Rez" in the blue menu.

If it is not perfectly how you wish, you can move the original rezzing box with arrows and the whole build will adjust.

Once you have confirmed this is where you wish the product to be (please check it is within your property boundaries, it fits perfectly on 1024x1024 or a 30m x 30m plot) you can then choose "Finalise!" from the menu and it will remove the unnecessary scripts and you are safe to delete the box.

* Extra Features of Cabin Retreat *


You can click the bottom of each window to make it open or close!

When windows are open, you can click the shutters to open or close!

~ Please remember that this is sold as a Skyhome meant to go in a dome, and is not functional from the outside and is infact, see through from the outside. It is not sold as a standalone home! ~

* Skydome Help! *


Included is our home brewed [DDD] Multitheme Skydome which provides 9 different environments for you to use at the click of a button~

It is totally optional and separate from the Skyhome, and should you not wish to use it, you can definitely delete it. It is entirely phantom and has no physics, so you cannot walk in it by it's own as it is meant to be used outside a closed environment Skyhome.

The controls can be managed by clicking any part of the Skydome box, but also through a logo button on the upper part of your door. - It blends in a little as to not ruin the ambiance of your home~

From there, you can choose any of the 9 environments, including a couple of options each with animated texture snow or rain!


We hope you enjoy this Skyhome & Skydome~

Please contact Anke Hatchuk with any questions or queries!



  • Low prim and low poly with high quality
  • 100% Mesh, Original design
  • Texture change
  • Functional doors
  • physical walls

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[DDD] ~ Dysfunctionality
[DDD] ~ Dysfunctionality
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Sold by: Anke Pancake
Land Required

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

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  • Permissions:
    Copy Modify Transfer User Licensed
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  • Automatic redelivery
  • Land Impact: 21
  • Mesh: 100% Mesh