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Hi there,

These are some utilities that might help you spruce up your SL.

Want some shadows for your house that doesn't have them baked in? These shadows look excellent in Linden Homes to give them a lived-in feel with minimal impact.
Also great to blend in furniture that you wish had shadows added, enhance photography, or provide a better visual experience for low graphics users.

Material appliers help modernize old mesh, sculpts, prims with generic norm/spec maps.

• No "full perms" requests will be responded to. •


• Copy/Mod - edit to your hearts content, they are not suitable for commercial use & unavailable for distribution.

• Alpha textures 128x128, some provided by Forseti Svarog. Very low lag.

• Tintable if for some reason you wanted to tint them.

• Most meshes can take your own textures with minor UV editing needed.

• Planes will never dissolve into mush for zooming out, useful for small spaces and scaling.

• 1 Land Impact, but may go down if you link multiples depending.

• Can cause alpha flicker, use caution.

• Unscripted natively. 4-8 tri each, very low poly.

• You can press the <-> arrows next to "Horizontal Scale" in "Texture" tab of the "Edit" menu to flip Edger Fade if needed.



♥Do not use these on no copy items unless you're very sure what you are doing♥
♥The changes they make are irreversible, so please test the script on items you have copyable backups of♥
♥If you *nessup your items because you didn't read & take precautions: please do not message me♥

Included are several types of NO MOD scripts, that when the object they are in has been clicked:
•Applies on face and link clicked only deleting itself after 1 click by the owner.

You would use these:
•To spruce up old items without materials.
•Bring an update to bad materials.
•For your non-commercial use.

Categorized by their prefix:
MAT: Materials ONLY, this will replace and reset the normal AND specular mapping of this object as described.

Included are the following material descriptions:
•Generic: A soft slightly textured, yet mostly flat surface with gentle specular.
-> My favorite! A+ for most hard surfaces like walls, pottery, polished stone, & plants, fruits, vegetables, etc.
•Wooden: A perfect subtle but versatile wood texture.
-> Rotate texture if needed, great where you just want to enhance, not override, existing woods.
•Rough Wooden: Not at all subtle, but perfect for very rustic looks.
-> Amps up wood that might be too flat looking normally, tone down with tinting specular color darker.
•Flat Metal: Flexible use that also looks great on any semi-polished surface like glass or most metals.
-> Turn up the Glossiness on this and use the color picker to get more metallic looks.
•Fur, Cloth, & Rough Leather: Adaptable trio that can add subtle depth.
-> Play with color, glossiness, and higher or lower scaling to get a wider range of suitability.
•Rocky: A favorite for terrain, this looks great for soils too.
-> Scale the texture for the best results, large scaling (smaller numbers) is great for rocks and ground.

A bonus item is also included:
•ANIM+TEX+MAT: Water Spot: This fully replaces the textures, materials, AND animates a the clicked face.
-> Increasing transparency & glow + tinting can give nice results.
**Caveat: Due to LL restrictions, animating any face will often reset the materials and texture scaling on other faces. Additionally, only one face may be animated per time, and if the item is duplicated in-world the animation may stop until reapplied.**

-> You probably clicked the box when opening and they all fired off.
To fix:
-> Please rez the box again and open it normally without clicking.

-> Go to the normal and specular (bumpiness and shininess) parts of the "Texture" tab and choose "Rotation Degrees" and change it to 90 (or 0 if it is already 90, or as needed)

-> Your item may have an animated face, such as water, sparkles, or a swaying/moving effects. This is a SL/LL restriction, not us.

-> See: https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/calculating-land-impact-r273/
-> I can't really do much about this, but normal mapping does affect the algorithm that objects use. If you find they make something higher and do not want that, please just remove them!

-> These are for personal use only, I would prefer items they are applied to are not resold but ultimately have no way of enforcing that due to the nature of the scripts.
-> If you're ripping the textures for personal use, please do not give away the textures at least.
-> Mean spirited people are why creators quit.
-> Please don't make me want to stop giving away things.♥


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  • Includes 10 different planar meshes suitable for applying your own shading
  • Corner, floor, and edging pieces suitable for most geometric walls
  • Material applying scripts for easy use, modernize old furniture and mesh
  • Generic appliers include normal and specular mapping for cloth, metal, fur, rock
  • wood, rough wood, and animated water effect. Visible with ALM.

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Quite genius and generous product

Posted December 14, 2021 by Yasyn Azemus 5 stars

This is a really smart and quick way to add some depth, dimension, that extra little something to your place. Or zhuzh up an old item that can take well to added materials.

It's 10L$ for a variety of texture maps and things that would otherwise cost you way more to make yourself. And the script that operates by face clicked is very convenient!!!

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