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Thank you for your interest in the DMS Moored Ambiance add-on.

This version is (only) compatible with: see product title above.

What is the DMS Moored Ambiance System?
Use the DMS Moored Ambiance Add-on to greatly enrich your maritime experience by adding realistic soundscapes to your beloved sailing vessel or motor yacht.
A single script-based engine that enables your vessel to automaticly play high quality and seamlessly looping ambient Sound Packs when moored.
Comes with the ‘Shore’ soundpack pre-installed.
Additional Sound Pack expansions are available for purchase in-world that need no extra installation on your part.
Just one script, lightweight, simple plug and play operation.

How does it operate?
Once installed it will immediately start playing assuming you are not on the move. (moored).
It will stop playing automatically when you start the engine or hoist the sails so the boat can take over with its usual sailing or engine sounds.
Once you moor however, the DMS Moored Ambiance System automatically kicks in again.

Moored Ambiance System Installation is 2 steps:
1) The system consists of a single script you need to drag from inventory and drop onto your boat.
* You do not even need to open contents tab of your vessel, just drop anywhere on your vessel.
* Any previous versions will automatically be removed in case of updating.

2) Activate ONE of the included gestures to get a hotkey to your liking that activates the menu.

It turns out that finding a hotkey that works for laptops, and all language keyboards, is not an easy thing. Hence the included gestures are full perm so you can easily change it to the desired key.

Two versions are included, CTRL =, and CTRL space. With a bit of luck one of them works for you out of the box and you do not need to edit one. Ofcourse you only need *one* activated gesture to gain the hotkey to activate the menu system.

Simply drop a new version onto your boat, the DMS Moored Ambiance Script will make sure older versions are deleted. There is never a need to open the contents tab of your vessel.

Where to get the lifetime free updates from?
All DMS products come with a HELP menu that delivers free script updates right to you, A very powerful feature using our own delivery system.
You are still welcome to come to the store for a redelivery, the Casper terminal also happily redelivers MP purchases.

How do i get more soundpacks?
We have modified a caspertech vendor to automatically register the additional soundpacks you buy to (all) your ambiance systems. This means when you buy a soundpack from an in-world vendor there is absolutely nothing you need to do to install them, we can do it all for you.

When you buy from marketplace, you will receive a USB stick that activates the automatic installation when worn or rezzed.Once installed, it deletes itself.

Using a plugin soundpack:
All you need to do is click the [Reload] button in your DMS Moored Ambiance System menu. This reloads your configuration data from our webserver and will then enable you to load your new soundpacks using the [Sounds] button.

This means one soundpack purchase works on all your DMS Moored Ambiance systems in all your vessels.

How about additional effects i've seen?
You might have seen fog or rain effects being produced by this system. Some soundpacks have extra features and those optional effects are available when playing those packs.
Blue lagoon, Misty Moods, and Thunder come with their own extra optional effects. When playing these packs you will be asked if you like to enable the effects (now, always, or never)

Is there a DEMO i can test?
Oh yes we have the cutest minature TMS Pacha 110 set up in the in-world store you can click to get the Moored Ambiance menu to play with yourself.

How does it work technically speaking?
I have carefully selected and uploaded sets of seamless playing soundfiles to SL of up to 30 minutes per set. Sounds do not have to be in an object as long as the script knows the sound key.

However since a sound file can be only 10 seconds each, the list becomes very long for 30 minutes (180 soundfile keys) and there is no way for a script to hold multiple sets of these.

The DMS Moored Ambiance is connected to a server outside of SL that provides it with the lists of keys to play for each set.

This has the added benefit of keeping your vessel as light as possible for sim crossings.

Comments, suggestions, soundscape requests, complaints, and ideas:
I'll gladly take them all, i need your customer input to make improvements.
Kind regards,
Trail Lauridsen / Will Welles

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  • Single script based engine for playing ambient soundscapes
  • Light weight, user-friendly, simple drag and drop installation.
  • Comes with the Shore sound pack pre-loaded.
  • Extra optional soundpacks available, extra soundpacks need no installation.
  • Free lifetime updates.

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