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║ *DS* Ani-Vend © 2011/2099 by Daemonika Nightfire (daemonika.nightfire)

BOOOAAAAH thats long!
Well, since you have now through ...
... remember, if you 'write me an' IM, you have to read the 'IM', also.

The 'Ani-Vend'is a Posestand like animations (poses) Vendor.
Customer will only be on it and can use the arrows, move forward and back.
Here are the customer, once all the selected animations (poses), for sale to individual prices.
To buy the current animation (pose), you just click with right mouse on the vendor and pays the price shown.

Technical data:

• Number prim = 1

• number of scripts without split = 1
Script Time = ~ 0003 ms

• number of scripts with split = 2
Script Time = ~ 0006 ms

The filling of the Vendors:

For the filling you open the Vendor easy with the build menu and put the animations (poses), the contents of the object.
This can show the vendor the inserted animations (poses) for sale,
will have to name the animations (poses) in the notecard '!Product-List ' transferred.

For this you double click the notecard '!Product-List ' and 'carries the name, description, price' one per line separated by commas.

• name, description, price (different prices possible)

*** Editing Appearance I ***, Animation No.1, 10
*** Editing Appearance II ***, Animation No.2, 20
*** Editing Appearance III ***, Animation No.3, 30

The name of the animation (pose) to copy directly from the animation (pose) and adds the name so in the notecard.

Optional Partners Split:

Because of the constantly changing 'PermissionsKey' by customers, I have outsourced the partners split on a second script.
In order to be able to share with one (1) Partner, you have only the script '* DS * Split Add-On v4.0.01'
and the notecard '!Split-Config' into the vendor appeal and fill in both lines as shown here :

• PartnerKey (UUID)

• Percentages (only the number)

After each change of Notecard '!Split-Config', the vendor must be reset by clicking on the top.
Then appears the debit permission query, which must necessarily must confirmed, otherwise no split is possible.

On confirmation, the owner takes a OwnerSay-
• ([09:37] *DS* Ani-Vend (style A): Partnersplit with 25% to daemonika.nightfire ready.)

and the partner receives an instant message.
• ([09:37] *DS* Ani-Vend (style A): You have been added to Partnersplit with 25% by daemonika.nightfire.)

Landmark Option:

The vendor can give out a landmark on touch (ideal for small rented shop).
For this purpose you just click on the displayed LM-pin icon in the middle of the texture.

If no landmark is desired, then delete the LM out just in case the display changes the texture
and between the arrows is missing then the LM-Pin Symbol

Custom Textures:

Of course the vendor can be re-textured.
Developed from the respective vendor prefabricated (Full Perm) textures to download.
Thus we would place the arrows in the right place it can be saved '!Arrow Grid' to the texture look to your own computer.

After inserting the new textures must necessarily be taken to ensure that the names have remained the same.
Simply copy the name of the original textures and rename the new one.

With the 'LM' marked textures have to be present in the Vendor.
Otherwise, the vendor issues an error message and change the texture does not work.

Finally, I wish you much success with the new vendor.

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  • Fullperm Textures for download and redesign
  • Optional Patnersplit
  • low prim & low lag

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