Development environment TACHYON Extentions. for making and playing Avatar and Animesh motion sequence. Version 1.9.1 WW

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This product is extension for TACHYON Profession edition.
Don't purchase this product, if you do not have it.

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ARGES allows you to play and edit animations and formations(movements) of multiple avatars and multiple meshes.
In addition, It can do the same for multiple Object formations.
(This means you can move objects such as cats, cars, planes etc. along defined waypoints)
By specifying the required section and playing it back repeatedly, their respective timing can be adjusted without stress.

Imagine you are adjusting the timing of the animation and formation sequences for multiple avatars or multiple animeshes.
The first 30 seconds of editing was already completed, and I wrote the timing after 30 seconds on the note card.
You must actually play the animation or formation to see the results.
You have to wait 30 seconds to get to the point, but that's not too bad.
Let's say that as a result of repeating it several times, the timing is correct.
Next, let's adjust around 40 seconds.
You will still be motivated.
But what if it had to be done every time it made a sequence?
In some cases, you may have to wait 3 minutes or even 6 minutes.
And what if you have to match the timing with the music? If so, I would panic.
I'm not sure if I actually panic, but it's certainly a waste of time.
With ARGES, you can scroll to the place you want in the timeline editor, specify the scope of the area, repeat playback, and edit at the same time, saving valuable time.
You can also edit according to music and SE.

There are other things that can be defined on the timeline.
These extensions come with utility scripts for using props used in machinima and shows, etc. You can also define the timing of calling those scripts and your scripts on the timeline.
This is a must-have feature to get an object managed animation on a machinima or performance show.
Utility scripts also have the ability to dynamically absorb lags and execute them.
If you use this environment, you will be amazed how tedious the work of repeating trial and error using previous note cards was.
You can do many other things if it takes less than an hour to complete the work that took ten hours.
Use that time to challenge new things.

This extension also offers the following features:
ARGES allows you to divide players into groups. You can divide the sequence into groups and have them operate.
This allows you to use music, dance pads with formations, and other animation pads as separate groups.

About the distance between waypoints of the formation (movement).
ARGES doesn't have the common limitation, for example "must be less than 50m".
ARGES can be moved anywhere in the SIM wherever you are allowed to rez. There is no problem even if the first waypoint is 0 m above the ground and the next is 4096 m above the sky.

The included rezzer can rez objects or animeshes to specified coordinates or random coordinates simply by writing "12-3 lines of script to send a message".
You can also specify what to rez by name, and you can use wildcards, etc.
Also included is a utility script, which can be used to control props for machinima, theater, attractions etc.

You can use the moveable player to make the following:
YouTube video, Machinima, Dance shows, Performance shows, Plays, Animation pads, etc.
You can create a formation sequence (sequence of movement of actors such as dance, play and performance).
The waypoint can be edited using the editor's editing function. So you can select multiple waypoints for many avatars at once, and you can edit their move / rotation etc.
You can save / load the formation sequence to the formation file HUD.
The formation can be mirrored.
Animation sequences and formation sequences can be played by avatar and animesh.
You can edit while playing back animation sequences and formation sequences. Therefore, editing can be done efficiently.

And more!

Please watch the Introduction video.

Videos made by TACHYON Pro + The Extentions.
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2. Fashion Show in Second Life

Those making videos.
1. Second Life / The Making of Showcase1 Fashion Show Part 1 of 2
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6. How to make Second Life Machinima. Part1 of 2
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  • Unit CYCLOPS-ARGES adds movement to Avatars and your Objects.
  • MessageSender drives a stage setting by a message and can also call your script.
  • Powerful expanded function for editing the elements of those many by a time-line
  • MaskManager makes a time-line editor easier-to-use.
  • It repeats playing of some assigned sections.Edit is also possible between them.

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