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The Directrix Trainer is a training bot which aims to mimic the movement, tactics and meter behaviour of a real human opponent more realistically than existing training products.

It is designed for 1-on-1 Direct Only ranged combat training with the GM and zCS meter systems. It doesn't have any support for splash or for melee combat.


* Built for direct hit combat — it doesn't take splash damage and it doesn't try to shoot at your feet.

* Realistic hitbox: You shoot at the hitbox in front of the trainer, just as if you were fighting a real player.

* Smart aim option: The trainer adjusts its aim based on your recent movement so won't be easily fooled by predictable movement patterns.

* Smart movement modes which resemble how a real player moves - dances left-right and varies its distance from you depending on how the fight is going.

* Other movement modes including random, and movement along the X or Y axis only.

* Controlled by a personal HUD: No matter how many people use the same trainer, they can all have their own settings which are stored in the HUD.

* Six built-in training modes including four difficulty levels for general sparring, a warm-up mode, and an 'Aim Train' mode to help you correct your aim. You can also create up to three user-defined preset modes by varying the advanced settings.

* Variable aim accuracy

* Adaptive dance pace option: The trainer automatically varies the pace of its movement if you're hitting it a lot.

* Active dodge option: The trainer actively dodges a proportion of incoming arrows.

* Optional aim guides show you where you need to shoot to hit the trainer when it's moving.

* Can fire arrows or darts, and hi vis or blackout ammo.

* Mimics the meter behaviour of GM/zCS including separate Health and Defense levels.

* Invincible option: Train indefinitely without stopping to reset

* Bandage simulation: For an added challenge, the trainer can be set to restore 70% of its HP a number of times before it can be downed.

* Configurable maximum wander range

* Option to stop fights automatically if you exit mouselook

* Option to display the trainer's HP on your HUD.

* Choose between visual or audible hit effects.

* Option to change the color of the Trainer's hitbox.

* Personal statistics to help track training progress

* Fully compatible with both GM and zCS meters, including automatically detecting when you are downed on these meters. No need to rez it under another avatar to avoid "flooding its own meter" spam — it just works.

* Efficient scripting and clean, minimalist construction that is light on the sim and on your viewer. The trainer uses just 5 land impact and the trainer and HUD each have just 1 main script + an update script.

* Sold with COPY permissions so if something goes wrong and it disappears, you can just rez another copy.

* Multiple security features so that nobody should be accused of using it as a cheat device.


* You must have EITHER a suitable area of flat land or skybox space (recommended minimum 4096sqm) to rez the trainer, OR access to somebody else's rezzed copy of the trainer.

* The land must allow scripts and building (i.e. must allow objects to be rezzed).

* Every user must be wearing a Directrix Trainer HUD, which is required to control the trainer. (Notice: this means the Owner's Edition HUD that is supplied with the trainer — the free Demo Edition only works with the demo trainers.) You can use somebody else's rezzed copy of the trainer, but you must have bought your own trainer pack to get the HUD.

* Every user must have a GM standards compliant projectile weapon that fires physical, non-phantom projectiles at a speed of at least 17.5m/s. In practice this should include any GM projectile weapon from the major makers. So called "ray casting" bows (which fire phantom projectiles are not allowed on most combat sims anyway), will not work with the trainer. The trainer is NOT intended for use with very rapid firing weapons such as machine guns.

* For full functionality, a GM or zCS meter is also required. (It may also work with other meter systems that support Dynamic Channel or collision based damage, but full functionality is not guaranteed.)


The trainer is sold on a per-user basis — every user will need to buy their own copy of the Trainer and HUD pack. You will need to wear the HUD in order to use the trainer. You can use trainers rezzed by other people, but you'll need to wear the HUD that came with your trainer.

This approach means the Trainer can be sold with COPY permissions, so if something goes wrong and you manage to lose your trainer you can just rez another copy. It also makes it possible to offer a "no questions asked" redelivery service.

A free demo version is available to try on the LR Weapons sim.

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It's good.

Posted January 25, 2020 by Haselden 5 stars

Would pay 5k for a version that gives out the hud.

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Demented tool

Posted November 03, 2019 by Xhaina 5 stars

I've practiced with this thing since three months and my bow skills and worse than in the beginning, the bot moves differently from a human, its shooting precision is unrealistic and too fast, often almost all its arrows hit, while the user bow shoot precision changes day by day due to lag conditions, so the whole idea of training mainly turns into a frustrating and meaningless waste of time.
I give it five stars just because it is technically perfect, nothing to complain about that, but ... the whole idea is crazy, the bot is unrealistically too precise in hard and nightmare modes, it shoots at a faster rate than every bow, and moves like a crazy bee. All this in a game like Secondlife, the most massively laggy, slow and unreliable platform ever created, absolutely not suitable for combat. Less than you live two blocks away from LindenLabs and you are a cyborg, you will find yourself embroiled into some molasses struggling to be quick, where its impossible to be so. Why the builder doesn't include at least a tutorial explaining how we can overcome the hard and nighmare levels. Have they ever imagined that almost everywhere in the best of cases the ping is over 100 ms, and in a sim with many avatar this raises dramatically? How can we talk of alertness? But overall why all this? Why to push an activity like the SL bow, that is unreliable, inaccurate, difficult to control by nature, that should be a light activity mainly meant for fun, into a sort of agonistic and meaningless crazy one, where the only thing that count is "i must win at all costs"? No surprise that all this nonsense comes from the sheer arrogance of the gorean rp community to whom the merit for completely ruining the bow fun turning it into a stressing meaningless practice is due.

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