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Congratulations, you are about to acquire the most versatile and most flexible tool for Discord in SL. It was initially designed as a fun toy for personal use in 2019, but it has evolved quite a bit since then. Today, it is the leading solution for everything Discord related, and can be expanded in a flexible and economic way for personal or professional use. This product is in continuous development and receives frequent updates and improvements.

How does it work?
The relay is chat activated, just like your smartphone works with "Hey Siri" or "Okay Google". Once you type the command (The default is "oi discord") open chat is transmitted to Discord.

It transmits a maximum of 100 lines of text for a maximum of 20 minutes. Both values are configurable. The default is 5 lines of text within 60 seconds. The maximum limit is deliberately done in order to avoid the object to siphon open chat indefinitely. Doing this would be in violation of Second Life's Terms of Service (SL-ToS) and Community Standards (SL-CS). However, there are scenarios where an unlimited version might be acceptable. If you have the need for this, please get the "Discord Conference" add-on script available from my shop on the Second Life Marketplace.

Once activated, the relay announces itself in open chat, indicating how many lines of chat and for how long it will relay. This is in accordance with SL-ToS and SL-CS (see below), and gives any avatar present enough warning to stop talking, if they don't want their chat relayed. Consequently, the relay also announces when it stops relaying the chat. It only relays actual avatar chat, but ignores objects. The chat that appears in Discord uses the display name and profile picture of the avatar.

Is this allowed?
To the best of my knowledge, I can confirm that this system operates fully within Second Life's Terms of Service (ToS) and Community Standards. The transmission is announced openly, is limited in scope and shuts itself - with an announcement again - down. It therefore follows the requirements of the Community Standards and should not find you in violation of the ToS.

The Mesh object
There are two original mesh objects included in the package. The mesh objects are original designs, explicitly made for this product, and optimized for SL. It is superior to all other Discord mesh logos you can currently find on the Marketplace, so there is no need to pay extra or go with a substandard solution. You will find the "old" Discord logo embedded in a speech bubble, as well as the new logo.

Other features
If an avatar touches the object, they get an instant message telling them how to activate the object.

If an avatar touches the object, the device can act as a Discord Server Joiner / Discord Server Inviter, giving the avatar the URL to join the Discord server. Within Discord, you can create an invite URL (attention: by default it is only valid for one day - you need to check the option to make it permanent) for any channel on your server. This can be stopped via the "silent" configuration setting.

If someone in open chat mentions Discord in a sentence - not the trigger phrase - the object advertises itself. This can be stopped via the "silent" configuration setting.

The relay reports region restarts to the designated channel. It uses a map-view of the sim as icon for those purposes.

Translator HUD's / Naming HUD's and similar objects worn by an avatar, that change their chat, are now supported.

From version 1.5 onwards, the Relay's functionality can be extended by drop-in scripts. Not everybody needs all the functions we develop, or come up with, so we decided for this approach.

Known Issues & Limitations
Please be aware that this is a one-way-chat only, from SL to Discord. Two-way chat would need to have a server object outside of SL - which would incur not only a massive deal of development but would also incur running costs and create security and privacy issues. If you require two-way-communication, you might want to investigate into SL-Bots.

Version history (abbreviated)
1.0 2020-06-05 Initial release
2.05.00 2022-06-17 Added support for translator HUD's
2.05.04 2022-09-21 Hotfix for Discord API change
3.00.03 2023-04-23 Completely rewritten configuration, new avatar profile pics, improved memory handling
3.00.05 2023-05-18 Additional functionality for add-on scripts
3.00.07 2023-07-10 Refactored Initialization
3.00.09 2024-02-11 Silent setting for region restarts
3.00.14 2024-05-05 Reduced startup time, added functionality for downstream add-ons

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  • Discord Bot sends open chat to Discord (from SL to Discord)
  • Discord Server Joiner functionality: Click so others join your Discord server
  • Reports region restarts to Discord - track all restarts from your Discord server
  • Discord support for translator- and naming HUD's to Discord server chat
  • Discord base relay can be extended by many addon scripts for your Discord server

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works absolutely without any effort and sublimely

Posted April 20, 2024 by Isa Aristocrat 5 stars

this product is super easy to set up it works really really well and it really is the number one tool for SL to integrate with Discord it updates me on what is happening in my region constantly.

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Awesome tool and great service!

Posted March 13, 2024 by Darklore Ravenhurst 5 stars

This product is a must have for my mainstore, to invite customers to my new discord server. Its super easy to setup with easy to understand manuals included. I absolutely recommend this <3

Fast friendly customer service aswell, i know if i ever have an issue i can get it really easily. Keep up the great work!

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