Drive A Ski Trail Groomer For Winter Region Fun! Version 4.3

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This unique land vehicle has been specially designed to travel on SL mainland roads, off road, and the most challenging mountain terrain to give you the ideal vehicle for exploring the winter mountain regions and maintain your ski trails everywhere.

Above all, it is designed to be a fun vehicle to drive anywhere you would like to go. Whatever the terrain this vehicle was designed to work well under the most challenging situations.

Indeed, you will love Larsson "Active Steering." My exclusive and carefully tested algorithm adjusts the handling of the car to the speed you have selected. When you change gear speeds this car accurately tells you (1) the gear speed, (2) the m/s power, and (3) my coefficient for active steering. No other vehicle maker in SL features my active steering software.

The over the road and water speed has a 10 speed transmission (10 forward gears ranging from 10 to 60 and three speeds in reverse ranging from 10 to 20 to 30) so you have flexible choices and that extra boost to go over hills or rough terrain. Use the on-screen jump up and crouch down arrows on your viewer to change the gear speeds. You will see a chat message telling you the gear numbers as you change them.

You control the reverse speed with chat commands. Key "low" in chat for reverse speed 10; "normal" for reverse speed 20, and "high" for reverse speed 30.

It handles border crossings in ways that sometimes like feel there is no border at all. If you encounter any problems with borders or lag it is because the region itself is not functioning properly and requires a restart or other maintenance to properly support residents.

You control the view you want. Key "v1" for behind vehicle, "v2" for just behind driver, or "v3" for driver view. And of course this comes in handy because SL glitches screw up driver views all the time. Now you are in total control whenever SL screws up your driving view, just key for the one you want and get it right back!

Key a "b" in chat for a friendly "beep beep" horn.

Key "on" in chat for the yellow strobe light atop the cab, and key "stop" to turn this light off.

Touch doors to open and close them.

Touch the plow in front to raise or lower the blade.

Touch the trail groomer in back to raise it or to lower the groom blade to snow level.

Touch the crane to rotate it from front to back of the vehicle.

There are seats for three passengers in addition to the driver. One is in the cab with driver and the other two are in the back seat.

Touch the light switch on the dash board to turn the headlights on and off, no need to "drain the battery" when parked in-world. These headlights work with SL advanced lighting so be sure to activate advanced lighting in your viewer graphics preferences to see this illumination. You will hear an electronic signal when you touch the on/off light button.

Next to the headlight switch is the one for the rear lights. Touch to active or deactivate the red running lights in back.

Key "s" in chat for the snow effects. For realism there is a snow effect from the treads when you move and if you come to a stop the snow also stops. Key "ns" anytime you do not want to see the snow effect.

You will hear the engine start up and then go into idle as you sit to drive and exhaust smoke will also begin to be vented from the exhaust pipe. The engine sounds and exhaust end when the driver stands.

This vehicle is sold as copy only. It is specially designed and fully tested and there is no need to modify it. You can easily adjust the size of the vehicle to your liking using my touch to resize capability. Just touch the yellow area of the inside dashboard for the blue resize menu to appear on your viewer screen. Feel free to contact me if you need your seating position adjusted or you have other requests. I will be happy to do this for you.

Enjoy your new Larsson Trail Groomer and discover all the richness and creativity of the SL mainland!

Thanks and best wishes,


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  • Touch to lower/raise snow blade and snow groomer
  • Touch control lighting and crane and doors
  • Keyboard control for three driver views
  • Keyboard control snow effect
  • Touch to resize vehicle

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