*E* Randomizer Uploader Pack [Boxed] Random Neighs Set

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Set of 11 sounds and 1 animation included in a Randomizer Autouploader Installer for the *E* Gesture Randomizer HUD. This autoinstaller includes a notecard and sounds to be installed in an *E* Gesture Randomizer HUD. The HUD is NOT INCLUDED with this autoinstaller.

This set includes just sounds to be played when seated (on a vehicle like a riding system or cart), standing or when walking. The sounds will be randomly played at a frequency chosen by the HUD owner and wearer.

The Autoinstaller will only install these sounds and notecard as a set into the Owner's own *E* Gesture Randomizer HUD when worn.

Sounds are copy/no mod/no transfer; notecard is no transfer. Autoinstaller itself is copy/no mod/no transfer.

The HUD is NOT included, you must purchase it separately.

About the *E* Gesture Randomizer HUD:
The HUD is designed to add personality to your horse avatar and to stop the 'dance of the heads' that occurs when two or more horses are together for any length of time, as their AOS synchronize and play the same base animations. The HUD plays its own set of randomly selected animations from pre-built sets, or from sets that the HUD owner can create for themselves following the simple instructions included with this set.

The frequency of the randomization can be easily changed, and different sets (available separately) can be easily installed with our custom autouploader and easily changed with a simple click of the button. The HUD itself is small and can be further minimized.

The Randomizer adds realism to the horse avatar by enabling random animations and sounds to be played on top of your regular AO, without interfering with your Gesture HUD.

*** Installing new Gesture Packs

1. Wear your Gesture Randomizer HUD
2. Rez the Gesture Installer pack on the ground
3. Click the installer pack.
4. Click the Menu button (crossed tools, 3rd button) and select 'Install Set' from the menu.
5. Wait for the set to finish chatting a wall of text.
6. Click the Menu button and choose 'Pick Set' and load the new set.
7. Delete the Gesture Installer set.

*** Troubleshooting

While the HUD itself is largely trouble free, here are some things you may experience:

1. The autoinstaller won't work.

Scripts MUST be turned on or you won't be able to use the autoinstaller

You must have rez rights - you have to be able to rez the 2 LI autoinstaller on the ground.

You must own both the Autoinstaller and the *E* Gesture Randomizer HUD. The Autoinstaller only installs to its owner's HUD and only to the *E* Gesture Randomizer HUD.

You must wear the *E* Gesture Randomizer HUD and rez the autoinstaller.

*** Permissions and Usage

Autoinstaller, scripting, animations and sounds: Copy/no mod/no transfer.

Created specifically for the *Elite Equestrian* RealHorse horse breed avatar. We have not tested it with any other make or model of horse nor with other 3rd party animation/sounds.

As ever, try before you buy at our in-world store in Cherry Island. We also have demo horses wearing these randomizer HUDs so you can see them in action.



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Super cute and fun addition to the randomizer hud

Posted June 01, 2016 by Luna420 Wylder 5 stars

Really cute and fun add on to the randomizer hud. Very realistic sounds and animations

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