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This is the *E* RealHorse Shetland Mare Unicorn Preset AVATAR. The Pony stands about 9 hands tall (about 36"). This is not a full sized horse. it is midway between our miniature horse and our POA Pony. The set includes additional parts to create the Unicorn, including a a special tail, mane, coat, eyes and halter. Hair and halter are modifiable.

Please read the ad carefully. This is for the FEMALE unicorn pony that you WEAR to become the Pony.

The *E* RealHorse™ avatar features:

* Genuine breed differentiation in the models;
* Built-in gender differentiation;
* Accurately modeled teeth, tongue and mouth;
* Fluid, flexible, even more carefully weighted mesh that moves ‘like a real horse’;
* Physically modeled chestnuts, tendons, muscle grooves, hocks, knees, frogs/bars on hooves;
* Accuracy in sizing (the RealHorse Shetland Pony horse breed avatar is about 9 hands tall (about 36") tall at the withers);
* Smooth, accurate gaits and animations;
* Correct static bits included with the base horse in the Extras button;
* Careful use of diffuse, normal and specular maps to enhance the real, accurate look and feel of the horse. (Look for the ribs, the muscles, and sinews using your Second Life Advanced Lighting Model!)

The *E* RealHorse™ base horse includes:

* The basic gendered breed horse (stallion) with rigged ears, eyes, tongue, shape, alpha;
* Full basic AO with walk, trot, both leads of canter and gallop, crouch rear, crouch walk buck, Olympic show jump, 6 different stands, 3 different typing animations, a correct reverse, flying, hovering and swimming animations
*Gesture HUD including 7 photo poses, 20 full body animations and 6 head position animations, 19 unique horse calls, breath, road apples, and ear and eye controls;
* 2 breed-appropriate coat options, the palomino and dark liver chestnut with 13 marking choices
* 5 eye textures in handy applier
* Rigged static bits for PG RP (Gender appropriate) (found in the Extras button)
* Cold Weather Snorty Breath
* Hoof Dust
* Road Apples
* Unrigged tack including a mesh halter, body harness & bridle with rigged mesh reins, unrigged English saddle and snaffle bridle
* Functional cart - the Primrose Wagon
* 3 Riding Systems - one for large sized, one for medium sized and one for small sized avatars
* Riding System rezzer with all 3 riding systems and wagon included;
* 2 Right-side fluffy rigged manes/forelocks and 3 swishing tails with texture-scripting with matching scripting for the Fluffy manes in Fluffy and standard pony tails, as well as a standard pony tail with 85 hair options to choose from.
* Second 'no-materials' body for those who don't wish to have materials.

The *E* RealHorse™ is designed to be simple and easy to use: Wear the delivery box, click it, and then wear everything in the folder that the delivery puts in your inventory. That’s it. No set up, no fuss.

All Extras may be found in an Extra button on your gesture HUD, which also includes a rezzer for riding systems, pose stand or wagon, as well as a built-in builder's pose stand to help with accessories adjustments.

Each RealHorse™ breed comes with 2 breed-appropriate coat options with multiple marking choices. Just wear the coat HUD and click the skin/marking option of your choice. Again, it’s simple and easy to use.

All scripting, animations and sounds are copy/no mod. Horse itself is copy/no mod, except eyelids (tint your eyelashes as you please). Bits are copy/mod; Appliers are copy/no mod; HUDs, AO and riding systems are copy/mod.

****Please note that the Shetland Pony is a small horse. While all sizes of avatar may ride or drive it, it looks best with a medium sized avatar. The SMALL sized riding system has special animations that should allow Dinkies and other small sized avatars to use it, but we did not test this system on all small-sized avatars, so your experience may vary with this system. *****



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