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Introducing the RealHorse Rideable animesh riding horse, an easy-to-use, low lag attachable riding horse. This listing is for a miniature Gyosy Vanner for the XS/S avatar (Toddleedoo, Bebe, Chonk, etc). This miniature horse is no mod and includes its fantasy saddle and bridle as shown.

XS/S includes special rider animations for small mesh avatars such as Toddleedoo Baby & Toddleedoo Kid, Bebe, Chonk, and others. Purchase this size for small nonstandard sized avatars.

Rideable Animesh Mini Gypsy Vanner demos available in the in-world store in the white horse marked "Demo Pony". If you have any questions about sizing, please make sure you TRY before you buy. In world pricing does vary.


Read on for more details:

The RealHorse Rideable riding mini is simple, easy to use, and elegant. It is backwards compatible with all of our existing RealHorse Coat and Eye appliers. It features a fully synced Pony-Rider jump, multiple base stands, and includes easily accessible walk, trot, canter and jump capability.

Each RealHorse Rideable package includes both genders of horse; one or more gesture HUDs (depending on style), and a full texture HUD with 6 coats, 4 eye options, 16 hair options, 10 horseshoe options, and multiple tack/pad/accessories options, as well as tinting capability of all parts except the horse's body. Additional appliers are available separately.

The horses are applier driven to change options.

The RealHorse Rideable includes a special adjustment capability to allow you to set your Pony's height and position on your avatar with simple, easy to understand and use buttons right on your gesture HUD. Very short and very tall avatars will find it easy to have a properly adjusted pony with a few simple button clicks. We created the mini Gypsy Vanner with the Toddleedoo Baby and the Bebe avatars using their default size and setting; if you have changed your shape or used deformers to make yourself shorter you will need to adjust the Pony slightly.

Each style of Mini Gypsy Vanner offers different features:

The Rosamunda Mini version includes fantasy tack and a gesture HUD.

The RealHorse Rideable is buy-and-go. There is no learning curve to learn to ride it or manage its gesture or texture HUD, You simply buy, open, add and go.

**** What the RealHorse Rideable is not ****

* It is not a rezzable pet or a wanderer.

We chose to create a highly-detailed, natural and realistic Pony, which meant we made the decision to not deprecate the quality of our horse models. This means the finished horse is high fidelity and as a result, high land impact. You can of course rez them, but don't be surprised at the land impact! The RealHorse Rideable will animate when rezzed, but it does not wander.

* It is not modifiable or transferable.

Modifying the horse often breaks the scripting or the animesh capability. A broken horse makes no one happy, so, "No Mod." This does not mean that you cannot customize the horse. There are plenty of texture appliers available to help you do just that!

* It is not transferable.
This means you can make as many copies of your horse as you like. If you would like to make a gift, our vendors and the Marketplace both support this ability.

* It is not complicated or hard to use.

This miniature Gypsy Vanner is a highly detailed, visually compelling, realistic horse that you simply add and ride, just like you move your avatar. The Rideable is simple. The gesture HUD is simple. The texture HUD is simple.

* It is not overly scripted or nor does it have high avatar rendering cost.

The Horse uses just over 1100 Kb of memory and about 32000 complexity cost (Rank 1).

*It is not expensive.

We kept scope creep to a minimum in order to deliver a simple, easy to use, elegant riding horse that can be used in a range of horse sports.

* It is not a Beta version.

The RealHorse Rideable has been extensively tested by our production team and with the communities who plan to use it. We made the feature changes they requested. We tested those changes. The RealHorse Rideable is a finished, complete product.
The new RealHorse Rideable: Simple. Easy. Elegant.

30,700 - 38,400 Complexity (Rank 1)

Average Script Usage:
1150 kb memory

Rideable Animesh Horse demos available in the in-world store in the white horse marked "Demo Pony". In world pricing does vary.




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