*E* Spider Phaeton 1-Horse [RH POA Pony] BOXED

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This set includes one fully functional 16 LI vehicle is 100% mesh and requires land rez rights to use and one vehicle rezzer with the spider phaeton included to allow others to use your vehicle on your land.

This vehicle has been scripted to work like a riding system. You change gaits and the speed is controlled via notecard. The cart includes includes 5 gaits (walk, trot, fast trot, floating trot and extended trot) + 2 stands and 1 driver + 3 passenger animations. This vehicle is only for the RealHorse POA Pony horse breed avatar and will not work with other makes or models of horse.

The cart includes room for 1 RealHorse POA Pony avatar, 1 human driver and 3 human passengers.

The animation positions in all of our carts are ordered as followed: Horse, Driver, Front passenger, Back Passenger Left, Back Passenger right.

To change seats, click the cart and select 'change seat' from the menu. Choose your seat and you will move to it, as with all nPose scripted sets.

Our vehicles have been adjusted so that they move more like a real cart would move.

Known anomaly - on some surfaces, you may find the cart 'sticks' if you halt after moving. Turn slightly and proceed to 'unstick' the cart. This is a random 'feature' that happens intermittently depending on the physics of the surface you are driving on.

About your Vehicle Rezzer:

To let others use your cart, just drop the rezzer. They can click the rezzer to have access to the cart.

If you have multiple *E* carts, you can use one single rezzer to rez them. Just make sure that you change the name of the vehicle so that it is under 10 characters and then drop it into the rezzer.



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Elite Equestrian
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Land Required

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

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    RealHorse Avatars
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  • Mesh: 100% Mesh