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➥ UPDATED 2018 to v3.5
The new features Glow and Ribbon have been added to this gadget!
-You can still load all of our particle effects into this Gadget - the new features will simply be set to zero (turned off).

Only 3 Prim!
➚Note: not a HUD

Copy - so you can re-name it and take it to inventory. *Helpful if you want to store FX that are already loaded.
Modify - so that you can edit the note cards.
Scripts are no modify/no transfer.

-Makes FULL PERM Particle Effect Scripts and Easy FX Codes
-Includes 6 Script Templates (Basic, Typing, Teleport, Collision, Touch, and Chat)
-22 Preset Effects to get you started
-Random Color Button
-Random Effects Button
-Undo Button (undo 1 time)
-Load your own Textures (11 max via note card configuration)
-Load Easy FX Codes (up to 32 stored particle effects) <-- Exclusive
-New Glow and Ribbon features - you can still load all of our old particle effects, the new features will simply be set to zero
-Access to Group or Owner Only
-Name FX so you can keep track of the scripts you output and store
-Resizer Menu so you can easily resize the overall particle effect! <-- Exclusive

[✦] Particle Configuration Buttons [✦]
✦Color - 3 ways to select a start and end color: Color Picker, Color Preset, Color Vector
✦Alpha (transparency, visibility) - Start and End Alpha
✦Glow (NEW!) - Start and End particle Glow
✦Size (scale) - Start and End Size of each particle
✦Speed - Min and Max speed of the particles
✦Velocity (push) - Velocity you want the particles to push with constant force
✦Rate - time between particle bursts
✦Count - Amount of particles to emit per 'burst'
✦Flags (NEW! Ribbon Flag) - Choose the variables (flags) you wish to turn On/Off (toggle)
✦Radius - Distance away from the emitter to begin bursting particles - in a Radius
✦Rotation (omega) - Amount of rotation between particle bursts
✦Angle - Angle you want the particles to spray
✦Age - Age of each particle that bursts
✦Life - Amount of time until the emitter stops producing particles
✦Pattern - 5 different patterns: Drop, Angle, AngleCone, AngleEmpty, Explode
✦Target - 3 target options: Owner, Prim, None
✦Texture - Can be changed by editing the Texture Configuration note card located in the root prim (contents)
✦Presets - 22 preset effects
✦Random FX - Makes a Random particle effect to start editing ➥ This is great when you run out of ideas
✦Random Color - Random start and end color
✦Access - Choose between Owner Only and Group access

[✦] Other Buttons [✦]
✦Power On/Off - Toggles the Power
✦Get Help - Menu with a list of help categories: GeneralHelp, LoadingFX, EasyFXCodes, UsingScripts
✦Get Scripts - 6 Full Perm script templates to choose from with instructions inside of each one: BasicFX, ChatFX, CollisionFX, MenuFX, RadarFX, TouchFX
✦Undo - Undo the last change, but only 1 time until another change is made
✦Reset FX - Resets the particle effect to default settings and refreshes script memory

✦Load FX - Load custom particle effect by using an 'Easy FX Code' that comes with almost every particle effect at Particle Station
- Buy a particle effect from Particle Station OR Create an Easy FX Code on this HUD
If you buy a particle effect from Particle Station: Drop the Easy FX Code note card into the root prim (contents) of the Easy FX HUD and press 'Load FX' on the interface
If you create an Easy FX Code on this HUD: Paste your Easy FX Code into a new note card, name it 'Easy FX Code - ' (adding the name after the dash mark)
• Keep the name short, under 12 characters, no # symbol
• Drop it in the root prim and press 'Load FX' on the interface
Your own particle effect will be bursting and ready for you to continue editing.

✦Output FX - Output the Second Life Particle 'Script' or the Easy FX 'Code' (for use with Easy FX Gadgets)
You can also name your custom particle effect
- Name FX - Useful when developing several effects and you want to retrieve the codes from the chat log later
• Name each effect and they will have the particle name above the code in the chat window so you can keep track of them

✦Resizer Menu - Only available here!
NOTE: This is NOT a perfect function - works with most particle effects, but has some limitations.
Use this function only after you have 'Output FX' and saved a copy of the effect you are working on.
If you attempt to resize a particle effect, and it goes tremendously wrong, you can always click 'Undo'
- Here's how it works - Assume your particle effect is too big for the object you want it to burst from:
⦿ Once loaded into the HUD, click the Resizer Menu Icon
⦿ Choose '<Smaller' to reduce the overall size of the particle effect
⦿ Optionally choose 'LockTexture' to lock the particle texture - so that the texture size does NOT change when the overall particle effect size changes
That's it! Your particle effect just got smaller!

See item in Second Life ®



  • Produces FULL PERM Particle Effects with 6 Script Templates to apply them
  • 22 Preset Effects to get you started
  • Random Color and Random Effects and an Undo Button!
  • Access to Owner Only or Group
  • Load your own textures (11 max via note card configuration)

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Looks nice, Works NADA!

Posted July 16, 2020 by Joeemama 1 star

I try not to give a negative review unless all avenues for correction have been explored with the creator. This is the case with the particle generator, looks great sitting on my studio floor and one would think it has great potential, and yet the only thing I can get it to do when I touch the on/ off button or any other for that matter is to get in an endless stream of "please wait" messages. I've sent a note to the creator twice and apparently it has fallen on dead ears. Note to the creator, I will gladly give a positive message if I hear from you and am able to correct the problem.

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No Updates

Posted October 18, 2018 by Revlon Benoir 3 stars

I bought this at the end of 2017, there are no updates offered for the product so each time a new version is released you have to buy it all over. Other than that it works as stated

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