Eclectica Peacock Headpieces

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There are a few things you will need to know to get the most from your purchase.

All pieces I make are copyable and modifiable. Please make a backup of any piece before you modify it. If you forget, right-click on the item in your inventory and copy/paste it before you detach. That way, you may be able to redeem an unchanged version if you need to.

These, like all Eclectica pieces, are original mesh and unique to Eclectica. No templates are used.

The Peacock Headpieces are inspired by early 1920's fashion. They are perfect for an evening out if you would like to add some sparkle to your bob.

These Peacock Headpieces contain a single removable 64kb script and have a land impact of 2 each, making them very kind to the virtual environment.

This pack includes three headpieces which attach to the skull. There is a left, right and centre version. Wear whichever you want, depending upon which side you would like the detail on.

((I also popped in a quick-and-dirty "just a brooch" version at the last minute, just to save you the trouble of editing one for yourself. It attaches to the chest, but of course you can reattach it anywhere, and edit its position. It would look great pinned to a cloche.))

You may select the headpiece easily and move it to wherever it fits best on your head, according to shape and hairstyle. You may certainly copy it and attach it to other attachment points if you prefer. They are unrigged, allowing you to make these adjustments.

If you wish to sit one on your dressing table as clutter, this is possible.

Each headpiece is made from 3 mesh sections, so that you may adjust the sizing individually. The strap, feathers, and "brooch" can be edited by choosing "edit linked" in your edit menu. If you prefer to resize using the script, you only need to touch the headpiece to access the dialog box menu which will guide you through the options.

The headpiece will resize down to 0.02463 x 0.04253 x 0.03052 while maintaining its scale. If you have a very small avvy, this may be helpful to you, but please do try the demo.

You may retexture the headpiece via script. To do so, go to a sim where scripts are allowed, and touch the headpiece to access the dialog box in the corner of your screen. This will guide you through texture choices.

The strap has 4 options- silver, gold, patterned silver, and patterned gold.

The feathers have 4 options- darker peacock, brighter peacock, greyscale, and black.

The brooch metal has 4 options- silver, brighter silver, gold, and brighter gold. The metal is made from 3 faces, so if you wish to zoom in and tint the faces separately, go for it :)

The gems have 8 colour options to compliment the peacock feathers, including a manually tintable white. The centre gem may be contrasted with the outer ones.

The script will delete itself if you choose that option from the menu. Make a copy first!

All pieces are copy/mod friendly, so you are able to tint the items a little to help with colour matching. The script is no-modify which makes the object appear no-mod, but you may tinker with all prim parameters. You may edit full-bright, glow, transparency, shine etc. For example, if you wish to not have the feathers, select them and make them 100% transparent.

Purchases are not returnable. This is because of the permissions, and there is nothing I can do to change that. Please try the demo.

The demo pack is available instore to help you check colours, quality and fit.

Do IM me if you have any queries....or if you'd like to see something demoed if you want to doubly triply check something...or just want to nicely suggest stuff.

And most importantly, please have much fun wearing, and combining with your own outfits.

If you wish to see more, just visit the Eclectica shop in Sinaburoe, or IM Tiffy Vella inworld with any queries.

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  • A unique mesh creation by an original artist.
  • Centre, left and right versions included.
  • Copy & mod permissions.
  • Touch-to-texturechange.
  • Fully customisable.

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