Elevator Doors - Phoenix Version 2.7.0

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The Phoenix doors are part of the LEVEL10 collection designed by Timothy Harlow. They are currently only compatible with the Phoenix car due to their size difference compared to other doors. They feature a completely integrated look with a single door that slides into the main body of the door assembly.

Included with these are three extra door textures that you can apply by dragging the texture from your inventory onto the doors.

Unlike generation one elevator doors, one set of generation two doors can work as top floor, bottom floor and middle floor doors. These doors feature an LED display, two call buttons and a teleport button. Each door can be configured as a front door or a rear door via notecard for use with dual entry elevator cars.

- Textures and colours for buttons and LED display are configurable via notecard.
- Door, arrival and button click sounds are configurable via notecard.
- Many more customization options are configurable via notecard.
- Customizations will only take effect after the elevator scripts have been installed via the Script Package Install Disk.
- All shells are fully modifiable for you to reshape and texture as you desire.

See Script Package information notecard for details about the operation, features and functionality of the complete elevator system. Car, doors and controller shells are required for a functional elevator system.

Shell Frequently Asked Questions - IMPORTANT

1) What is a shell?
A shell is a non-functional part of the elevator system. In order to transform a shell into a working elevator part, you must purchase a Script Package separately to install the elevator scripts.

2) Why do you sell shells and not working parts?
We chose this route for generation 2 elevators to allow customers the ability to purchase different styles of elevator cars, doors, and controllers without breaking their bank account and to allow builders to include shells in their builds as an alternative to the builders kit.

3) Can I resell or give away the shells I buy since they are full permission?
No you may not resell or give away elevator shells created at Union Micro. If you are a builder you may include shells in your build but MUST mark the next owner permission to no-transfer. Shells and the scripts within are for use with Union Micro elevator products only. Please check our main store for the availability of the shell sdk (software development kit) so that you can create your own shells to sell. If you come across our elevator shells in freebie boxes or people handing them out for free, please contact Stylez Gomez.

4) Can I use your shells with "X" competing elevator product?
As long as it's for personal use you can use a Union Micro shells with a non-Union Micro elevator script. However, we will offer you no technical support.

5) Who do I contact for elevator shell support?
o If you purchased the shell at Union Micro then you may contact Union Micro.
o If you received the shell as part of a building then you should contact the builder of the building first as they are responsible for the alignment and proper operation of the shell. If needed, support can be escalated to Union Micro if the builder cannot resolve your problems or if the problem is with the elevator scripts themselves.
o If you received the shell for free from a source other than a builder or the Union Micro store, you will receive no technical support (see #3).

6) I'm a builder, what can and can't I do with these shells, and what are my responsibilites?
As a builder, you may include any Union Micro shell (unless stated otherwise in its information notecard) with your building as long as the building is intended for use with the elevator. You must provide first-line support for the elevator shells which include problems your customers may be having due to the car not having sufficient clearance or notecard configuration issues - anything that could have been prevented by you as the builder.

7) I've made my own shell, what can I do with it?
If you've made your own shell from scratch you may do whatever you want with it. You may distribute it however you want, including the shell scripts. However, Union Micro will offer no support to users of your shell unless the problem is script-related.

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