(Enter for a chance to WIN L$1,000!!!) - Azn's Multi Link Giver / Link Vendor -Link to MP, Web, SLURLS, Groups, Avatars Version 1.05

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Do a project with Azn's Multi Link Giver and you could win L$1,000, L$500, or L$250!
//How to enter:
1) Set up your Azn's Multi Link Giver
2) Take pictures of it in SL.
3_ Put the pictures in a notecard, named "Azn's Multi Link Giver Contest - (Your Name)", along with details on what your links are for, by 9-30-2020.

Winning prizes will be based on creativity and design. Winners will be announced in Azn's Beta Testing Group on 10-1-2020. If you win, I will use your image/s on this MP page!
Winners do not have to join the group. secondlife:///app/group/df07832a-b7ef-f832-d7ac-2fd5188c7cf6/about

Do not be afraid to try! You never know if anyone else will even enter!

I like to sell on MP, where I have records of sales and automatic redelivery, so I use these low LI link givers / link givers to show off lots of products in a small space in Second Life. What will you do with yours?

// Will do a slideshow, showing each item for 10 seconds, when no one has touched the board for 3 minutes.
// Touch slides to show items in the main window.
// Click on the main window to get a link for that item. For SLURLs, TPs, or Profiles, just click the link.
//Can be rezzed or worn as a HUD.

/////////// INSTRUCTIONS ///////////

// You may name the notecard anything you wish. i.e. "Summer Clothes".

// Make 3 individual lines for each item: Name, URL, and Image UUID. Name can be anything you like. URL and Ad Image UUIDs MUST be correct. See notes below for info on handling long URLs.

// There are 8 faces available. Unused faces will be blank. Extra entries will be ignored.

// Edit and save the notecard to reset the link vendor and load entries.


// Put 2 slashes in front of lines you want the notecard reader to ignore if you want to make notes.

// Empty lines are fine. Empty spaces before and after an entry will be removed by the script.

// Make sure each entry is on its own line. Long lines can appear to be on two lines, but they are still one line. Make the notecard as wide as possible to see the lines more clearly.

// You will get a warning, in chat, if any of your lines are too long. Max is 255 bytes. The script will check for 255 characters. You should try each link to be sure they work.

// If a Marketplace URL is too long, you can trim the section that has the name, between "/p/" and "/item_number", i.e. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ **HERE** /16383975. i.e. If your URL is:
// https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Music-Player-Music-Script-Play-a-Song-Full-Perm-with-Loop-OnOff-Option-for-Builders-Retail-and-Learning/16383975.
// You can shorten it to:

// If you have questions, please see the MP page for this item. If your questions are not answered, contact itoibo in SecondLife.

/////////// END INSTRUCTIONS ///////////

// Here are 8 sample items to see how the entries should look:

// Link to a group profile.
Join Azn's Beta Testing Group and Get Free Stuff!
//Texture UUID:

// Link to a SLURL.
Go to Azn's at OK OneSpace!

// Link to an avatar Profile.
Talk with Azn MIn!

// Link to websites.
Subscribe to Itoibo on YouTube!

// Link to Items on Marketplace.
Hummingbird Script Shrinker

Texture and Sound UUID Web Printer

Sleepy Bear Script Time Controller

Sculpted Pumpkin Tip Jar Day and Night Versions (C,M)

Azn's Sound Explorer - Sound Organizer

Smooth sliding door window cover canopy script FP

Full Perm Path Cut Door Script, With Sound, Non-stepping, Commented, FP

See item in Second Life ®



  • Low Land Impact only 1 LI up to 4m wide. Can also be worn as a HUD!
  • Does a Slide Show of your images when not in use.
  • Click Main Window for Links. Easy Setup! Put entries in notecard and save!
  • Works for MP, Web, Groups, Avatars, TP SLURLs, and more!
  • 3 Moddable Faces You Can Color and Texture!

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Super nice!

Posted September 16, 2020 by Hudalovesmorocco 5 stars

Very easy to set up i really really like it

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Very easy to setup and perfect for a booth!

Posted September 12, 2020 by Aglaia 5 stars

It is very easy to setup thanks to the notecard: a name, a link, a texture uuid, and that's it! It is perfect for my booth!

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Scripts, Building Tools, Games, HUDs
Scripts, Building Tools, Games, HUDs
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Sold by: itoibo
Land Required

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

This item contains wearable items for your avatar.

  • 5 stars Reviews (2)

  • Permissions:
    Copy Modify Transfer User Licensed
  • Automatic redelivery
  • Land Impact: 1
  • Mesh: 100% Mesh