FREE Flight Feather 1.3 Flight booster

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FREE Flight Feather 1.3 (Flight booster)
☑ Copy ☑ Modify ☑ Transfer

Thanks to Direct Delivery this product now comes ready to use! No longer in a box :)

★ Features ★
•Full automatic
•Boost your speed while flying
•Fly higher than you would normally
Works almost every where! (obviously it does not work in no fly zones)

►#1 Firstly you must be on a sim that allows flight! Because people have set their region to "no Fly"; they may NOT want you flying in their private work areas and homes!

•You may give this item FREE to your friends but not resell or add into any free giveaway or for sale bundles or packs.

•FREE hand person to person ONLY.
Or send to link to purchase for FREE


NOTE: Right click the feather in your inventory "Add" or "Ware".

The flight feather is fully automatic and will allow you to fly higher than you would normally. It will also boost your speed while flying from normal flight.
Don't bump your head now.


Please try in world before you buy when able.

Feel free to come visit our shops in world. @ 50% off always!

WET inside DESIGNS & Moonsinn Breedables

With the Purchase of this Item from me you agree to the following TOS!

Terms of sale:
You can NOT sell or give away the Sculptmap/texture/script or the Sculpt full permission or as a or part of a business package.
You can NOT sell the TGA,PNG Sculptmap/Texture itself or included in Buisness Packages.
You can NOT sell the Item you created with this Map/script/texture give away or sell Full Permission-please set the Permissions to Copy only/transfer only/copy&modify or transfer&modify.
You can NOT sell or give away the TGA files/scripts ,the TGA/scrits files are property of me the seller/creator and you pay the seller/creator for the ability to use the files for private use to make Furniture to sell in your own business.
I can not give you any refunds since the package are full permission,
Violations against any of these conditions may cause me to take legal actions against the violator.
If you have any questions dont hestitate to contact me in SL for note.Just write me an IM or drop a Notecard if i am offline
Thanks, GetsUwet Button

Mit dem Kauf dieses Sculpts/Sculptmap/Texturen/scripts von mir erklärt sich der Käufer mit meinen TOS einverstanden.
Der Käufer ist nicht berechtigt:
- das Sculpt/Sculptmap/texturen/scripts Full Permission zu verkaufen oder weiterzugeben.
-Ebenso ist es untersagt es in sogenannte Buisness Paketen zu verkaufen.
-Der Käufer ist nicht berechtigt die Sculptmap/Texturen/sculpts/scripts an andere Personen weiterzugeben,auch nicht an Alts-weder umsonst, noch für Geld.
-Sein eigenes mit der Map/textur/script erstelltes Objekt FUll Perm weiterzugeben.
Perms bitte: nur Copy,nur Transfer,Copy&modify oder transfer&modify!
Der Käufer ist berechtigt:
-die Sculptmap/textur/script für seine eigenen Kreationen zu nutzen und diese dann weiter zugeben oder zu verkaufen.
Verstösse gegen die Nutzungsbedingungen werden gemeldet und geahndet!
Weil dieser Artikel Full Permission ist, kann ich nichts umtauschen&geld zurückerstatten!
Bei Fragen bitte eine IM an mich oder eine Notecard senden falls ich offline bin.
Danke&frohes bauen,
GetsUwet Button

WOW I commented about the review and flagged the review and yet over a year latter and they still not gotten back to it and as well that person has yet to ever log back into SL so a newbie that logs in for a day and I gift him the items he leave bad reviews yet can not read the page or follow instructions to just re-log and then open the box get the items out while shopping. as well have made this product no longer needing to be unpacked comes product is now direct delivery ready to use boost your flight speed by 7% as well can be adjusted with in the script to boost faster.



  • Full automatic
  • Boost your speed while flying
  • Fly higher than you would normally

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Posted July 21, 2018 by DigitalDancer 5 stars

idk what the other reviewers are on about lol just right click and add and a tiny feather appears on your screen and you're flying faster and higher. Works perfectly and it's FREE! :D

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How do I use it?

Posted April 21, 2018 by apnu 3 stars


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WET inside Designs
WET inside Designs
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This item will be delivered directly to you or a friend in Second Life, unpacked and ready to use. No land or sandbox required.

  • 3.8 stars Reviews (5)

  • Permissions:
    Copy Modify Transfer User Licensed
  • Automatic redelivery
  • Land Impact: 1